adding secuirty to the WD-MBWE

OK guys. i got one of these here blue ring o light MBWE's that may be on it's last
legs. But it has served it's purpose and I am not going to be sentimental about
getting rid of it in the near future.

Anyway, here's my question: is there a way to add a level of login security on the
MBWE 'Public' directory?

When I set up the MBWE for the first time, I used MioNet for a couple days and
realized it was not working well enough to keep it. So I uninstalled the MioNet
and began using the MBWE by either mapping the drive or by browsing the network.

Here's the problem: I let people come over to use my internet connection; but
once I do that, they are given full access to the 'Public' directory. No wonder it
says 'Public'. lol

What I want is a way to lock the 'Public' folder so only authorized users can access
the data. please help!

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