Problem: Can't su to root

I just bought a WD MyBook White-Light 1 tb drive and I'd like to hack it to expand it's capabilities.
I think I may have accidently deleted /bin/su. I also checked for it in BusyBox but it's not there either. Using: /bin/busybox su - I got a command not found error.
Right now, I have no way of dropping down to root.
I want to insert a more functional BusyBox. Without root, I'm just twisting in the wind.

I don't have a high level of "Down in the trenches" Linux experience.

I have successfully removed the hard-drive and connected it to a usb port only to find it won't mount up in Ubuntu 10.04. On the menu, pressing Places => Computer. I see a new icon with "Array" as it's label. Clicking on it I get: "Unable to mount" message.

What is the filesystem used in formating the White-Light edition? And how do I mount it?



"su" is not available on a stock MBWE. You can just login directly as "root" without switching users after logging in as someone else. The default password for root is "welc0me" «< Thats a "zero" in the middle of the word.

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