Cifs For Whitelight

Insturctions for adding CIFS (Samba) support for White Light. This will allow your MyBook to mount folder shared by Windows Stations.

  • Login as root.
  • mkdir -p /lib/modules/

The next two lines downloads the file attached to this page and places it in /lib/modules/

  • echo "/lib/modules/">> /lib/modules/
  • insmod cifs.ko

Now you can mount Windows directories. For example

mkdir /mnt/xp_machine
mount -t cifs  //`net lookup x`/y /xp_machine

where x is your windows box name, and y is the share name. There are many options for the mount command, see for example here, but you should use mount , not mount.cifs.

To mount Time Capsule share:

mount -t cifs //<<ip-addr>>/<<share>> /mnt/<<mountpoint>> -o user=<<username>>,pass=<<password>>,iocharset=utf8
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