Basic Network Access

I won't embellish further on the Mionet issue here, seems like most everyone feels the same way - I would like to string up the person who thought ithis was a good idea for a MyBook drive though!!

In any case - I could really use some help.

Like most people here I decided to get rid of Mionet, and would like to access this drive directly from explorer mapping a drive (Win XP). I've read through most of the posts surrounding this issue, and still am having problems ==> I was never able to map a network drive at all…

I have

  • created an ssh connection, which works fine.
  • disabled mionet
  • create public shares after removing mionet
  • ping the drive without issues
  • Removed all firewalls
  • Confirmed Samba is running

But for some reason, I cannot access it through windows explorer, or internet explorer. I am mapping drives as follows: \\\<share_name>

Error message is "The Network Path \\\<share_name> could not be found"

I have disabled all firewalls (Windows and Proventia)

If I try using the option "Connect to a Network Server" (in Map Network Drive window) the error message is "The folder appears to be invalid, please choose another"

So I would normally think that there is a network issue, but sicne I can ping the drive, and connect via SSH without issues, I'm a bit confused.

Can anyone help???

BarrykeBarryke: Could be a chmod issue. I propose doing a chmod +r /shares/internal/sharename +R but haven't got that much linux insight to be honest.

mosndupmosndup: Yes it is a chmod issue, I had the same problem yesterday, I did a chmod on the DataVolume to solve it.

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