Bricked My Box But Still Spins

Well "hello world"
Ive been messing around with my WDWE 1Tb now for a few days, I got Ushare working, all my files on my flexbox 360 sees it as a Upnp sever, and all that fun stuff but after deciding to Make SSH a permient fixture following and adding the ::sysinit:/usr/sbin/sshd to the /ect/inittab file then after the reboot I get no lights on the front … it just sits there and spins… ??

what I've done so far …… 1> I plugged my little white box into my lappy and ran wireshark to look for any activity on LAN and hey presto it had gave itself a .ip nowhare near my home network range and had port 5353 open .. .. no joy connecting though..

2> so I thought I would give it a closer look and plug it into my PC via ATA and take a look inside using Knoppix live CD ….. mounted no bother with -w and deleted the ::sysinit:/usr/sbin/sshd that I entered into /etc/inittab.
but still the same.. just sits there spins and wont boot… could anyone help or give me a little point in the right direction.


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