dot files

If you're using your MyBook as a local clone/local cache/local stage of a web server, chances are you'll need the ability to easily find and locate "dot files" like ".htaccess" and so forth. The ability to access, modify and keep a safe copy of these files is now an absolute necessity for web designers.

To perform these steps, you'll need to have SSH access.

First, SSH to the device. Then switch to root:

su -

You'll need to edit the file "/etc/smb.conf". If you have nano installed already, this is as simple as:

nano /etc/smb.conf

Within the [global] block, add the following text:

hide dot files = no

Save the file.

Your changes should take effect immediately, making the ".htaccess" files (and so forth) visible and modifiable as soon as you browse your MyBook share directories. However, it may require the "display hidden" files option to be enabled on your desktop, as well.

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