Existing Info And Discussion

There is already some information out there that I have found and used, here are the most useful ones I have found so far.

Western Digital's own forum This is an unmoderated site and has quite a lot of information scatterd across a few threads but it is not very easy to read and follow.

Martin Hinner's site A personal site with some useful tools to gain access to your drive using SSH. This is accomplished by "upgrading the firmware" with a simple shell script.

Mario Pascucci's blog Another personal site detailing how to start with a clean hard disk and install debian.

Linux from Scratch A useful site to get the basics of Linux installation process for those new to Linux

NAS-Central A place where all hacking communites come together

Compile/install ncurses, lynx, vim and samba Some tricks to compile working binaries from current samba sources.

mybookworldedition.free.fr A French site about WDMBWE

www.Highlevelbits.fr FeaturePacks for Blue ring wand White light Mybooks : Automatically configure features for your Mybook.

MBWE restore files Packages with the file structures for new disks

Russian forum thread about MBWE Another source of restore files (as above), russian forum but instructions in english

broken links

. Some links are currently broken. Perhaps they will come back some day.
Mark's Blog: Welped.com Some blog entries on hacking MyBook (including setting it up as PHP web server)
Charles Hayden's site, Notes on setting up MyBook pulling together information from various other places.

. Both web sites are available on the web archive…
For example: http://web.archive.org/*/http://chayden.dyndns.info/info/mybookworld:top

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