Feature Manager : Install Automatically great Features to your Mybook, with a single click…

Mybook Features for Zero Linux Skilled people…

The proposed included features are :
- Secure Web Server ( public Web Site and Private , encrypted web site using https) ( web-server )
- Php Web Server (can be Activated / De-Activated as wanted)
- AccessBook ( Share Files , photo gallery and Web portal with your friends) ( AccessBook )
- Stream your home music via internet to your office ( AccessBook Feature)
- Manage your video files with thumbnails and descriptions
- Feature Installer : Install additional features with a single click , when they are released…
- SSH Activation ( this will not be used by most people but is activated as a security measure in case of problem.) ( reboot neeeded before use )
- All these are installed automatically using the firmware upgrade process …

Enjoy your New Features,
NOTE : IF you own a Mybook World White Light or a Mybook Live, use the Feature Pack Installer from the site : http://www.highlevelbits.fr.


As all the other stuff which is provided in this Site,
use at your own risks…

Information above relates only to the Mybook Blue Ring edition , do not apply on other model :


The Mybook Feature Manager needs the original PUBLIC shared folder on your Mybook.
Please recreate this folder and give permissions to all users to it if you have deleted this SHARE.

Check that your Mybook is ready for the upgrade :
1) launch internet Explorer on your Windows XP/Vista computer ( please start from a fresh internet explorer by closing all IE and launching a single new one.)
2) Copy paste the following url by changing <MYBOOK> with your Mybook IP Address :


where <Mybook> is the ip address of your Mybook. ( probably something like 192.168.X.X )
You will be redirected to the Western Digital "Shared Storage Manager" interface :

Click the button "Click to Download and install" then Wait without touching the interface
wait a few seconds ( typically 30 seconds) :

the following message is displayed :


CLOSE the Shared Storage Manager Internet Explorer.

Connect to your PUBLIC share and open the log file \\<Mybook>\PUBLIC\MBWE-Get-In-test.log
This file should contain " Congratulation : Firmware upgrade test is successfull ! ! ! "

Feature Packs Manager Installation ;

Detailed procedure is described here :

Feature Manager Usage ;

Connect to your public web site :
The root of this web site is in \\<Mybook>\PUBLIC\WWW\Public

Connect to your Admin web site :
user is the same as the standard Western digital admin web interface ( default is admin / 123456)

Activate Features :
Connect to the Admin web site https://<Mybook>:3210
Click the "Flower" button,
all Available Feature packs are listed,

click the install button for the feature pack you want to install…

When a new feature pack is installed,
The new Feature Pack Menus will appear…

Current Feature packs :
MybookClone Feature Pack : Backup your Mybook's system partitions and synchronize your data automatically to an external USB/SATA HDD. In case of HDD failure, simply replpace your Mybook's HDD by the external one!. You can also use this feature pack to upsize easily your Mybook to a bigger disk…

Nzbget FeaturePak : install and configure nzbget (news downloader) easily . ( will require accessbook activation)

No-Ip Client : If your public ip address is a dynamic ip address ( changes regularly), no-ip client will be interesting for you….

How to create your own feature pack :

it is very easy :

1) Create a subfolder into /shares/internal/PUBLIC/WWW/Admin/Mybook_Mgr

(give a good name like "MyFeaturePack")
create a script into this folder "start.sh" or any other name you want.
if you want to have a beautifull picture, put a "_.jpg" picture into the folder.
if you want to associate a picture to your script, put a <Scriptname>.jpg in the folder…

The Cupsd feature pack shows how to have a conditional script : the start script is clickable only if service cupsd is stopped…
The Generate FeaturePack script shows how to make FeaturePack with Forms for enabling selection from the user…

I will explain later in more details how you can make complex feature packs…
Note that scripts are launched as root.

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