Blue-ring MBWE firmware 2.00.1X

The page describes the proceedure for performing firmware upgrades on an already hacked WD MyBook World.1

General precautions

  • Please note that the upgrade process will first wipe clean the root partition of the device before installing the new system. All modifications to the MyBook's operating system will be lost. Things like nfs and gcc will have to be restored from backup fles which can be downloaded from this site. Things like optware will best have to be installed anew.
  • Make sure that you fully understand the upgrade process and how it might affect you before upgrading. While you can reinstall nfs and gcc from backup files located here, you must make backups for your own changes on the root partition yourself.
  • The data partition will be left untouched
  • Read this page thoroughly for further information

Check for (a possible) Official WD Firmware upgrade (and get the .wdg file)

If you have firmware = 01.01.1X

and if you have firmware = 02.00.1X (maybe there is a newer one)


[root@MyBookWorld tmp]# uname -a
Linux MyBookWorld #1 PREEMPT Fri Jan 18 10:40:25 GMT 2008 armv5tejl GNU/Linux

Preconditions for upgrade process

  • Firmware upgrades must be performed with no shares logically attached to the computer. Essentially, WD Anywhere Access must be stopped through the Shared Storage Manager utility before a firmware upgrade can occur. If there are any shares mapped to the WD My Book World Edition hard drive on the computer system, they must be disconnected in Windows Explorer or My Computer.
  • During the firmware upgrade process, the WD My Book World Edition hard drive will reboot itself twice. In this process, access to the Shared Storage Manager utility will be unavailable. If your web-browser indicates a "Page Not Found" error, wait a few minutes and then manually refresh the page to see the status of the firmware upgrade.

(source: WD Knowledge Base, answer 1522, chapter Software Related Limitations)

Contents of the Upgrade Files

File Size File Name
0 keep_mionet
460 md5sum.lst
767 packing.lst
136228864 rootfs.ext2
5644 stage1.bin
95824 u-boot.bin
1231444 uImage
1497392 uImage.1
244342 uUpgradeRootfs



Removed Items

Program Consequence Fix
gcc - GNU Compiler Collection Can no longer compile programs natively Recover from backup images
NFS - Network File System Can no longer share files using NFS Recover from backup images

kevku has kindly provided two files in this thread:
One file contains a listing of all files existing on /dev/sd1 before the firmware upgrade and one after the upgrade.
I have done a diff on both files and also uploaded the result. All three files can be viewed at the bottom of this page after clicking on the "files" button

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