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As for price, this obviously depends on where you live (or order). Compare with But you're right, the price difference is 76 dollar rather than 50 dollar. Still a small difference, I think.

I bought my DS cheaper than advertised on the above site. For about 70 euros more, you've got a machine that is incredibly better designed than any WD NAS in almost all respects. I was like you once, applying Teinturman's "hack' against overheating my WD MyBook. I'm a bit older and wiser now. I think the 70 euro (50 in my case) more is well spent — it prevents headaches and panic. WD are nice hobby machines, but if you want reliability, ease of maintenance and install, definitely look into Synology.

Try a Synology DS and I think you won't regret it. Though I must admit the one positive aspect about the WD device is this forum, especially when it was still vibrant (till about two/three years ago). The synology forum is not so active as this forum was in 2010, but that's also because there are fewr problems with it and support is quite good.

Overheating is a problem if the MBLD is not located in a well vented area. The MBLD has no internal fan, so it relies on external airflow through its vents. So if you put the MBLD in a cabinet with a bunch of other heat producing devices (router, modem, etc), then yes it will overheat do to lack of cooling airflow. However, there is an easy fix for this. Put two 80mm USB powered fans under the MBLD blowing air up through the enclosure. You will never have an overheating problem again - regardless if you stick the MBLD in a cabinet with other heat producing devices.

As for your comparison between the Synology and the WD Duo, you are incredibly off base. The 6Tb Synology DS214 costs $726 with disks. The 6Tb MBLD (MyCloud EX2 is what the latest version is called) costs $376 with disks.
Check it out on Amazon for yourself.

And both the Synology and the WD MyCloud EX2 have the similar processors and 512MB of RAM.

MyBookLive Duo 4T
FeaturesPacks, Twonky, ownCloud

@gunt76: Obviously, the specs of the Duo are better than those of its predecessors. But even the Duo is an inferior product compared to any Synology Disk Station: support is still lacking, there are still reports of overheating, modding has still to be done via the insecure and obsolete optware. Synology DS comes with a very advanced OS, which offers you one click packages both from Synology and the community. With Synology SSH is also one mouse click away, but you generally don't need it.
If you're happy with your WD MBDL, good for you. But once you've experienced the quality of Synology products, you'll never want to go back to a WD NAS.

Anyway, I'm not advertizing, I just want to give some advice based on my own experience and what I've read from other users so far. I'm sure one can have fun with a My Book, but don't put your life on it, to paraphrase WD's advertisements. I did and lost my data when my disk died from overheating.


I am getting error message /twonky7/twonkystarter … /twonky7/twonkystarter: /twonky7/twonkystarte r: 1:ELF*: not found
/twonky7/twonkystarter: /twonky7/twonkystarter: 2: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

Here are the 2 latest firmware locations

My Book Live Firmware Version 02.43.10 - 048 (6/22/2015)

My Book Live Firmware Version 02.43.09 - 038 (1/27/2015)

I've also stored the scripts at github chnrxn mybooklive; check it out.

The logic card on my drive died a while back and I finally managed to source a replacement at a decent price (these are going for up to $300 on greedbay). Althpugh it is a WD10EAVS drive, it is a 00D7B1 firmware and the original is 00D7B0, so the logic card doesn`t work with the original

So I`m going to cut my losses (over 900gb of music accumulated over many years. Boohoo.) and set the drive up again from scratch. I see there`s a recovery guide on here to do this, but the download file links are dead. Can anyone upload these again or point me at a new location for them?

I have had a MBWE II blue-rings and a MBWE II White Light. Most recently, I have a MBL Duo ( 4 years now).
The MBLD is big improvement over the MBWE in terms of processor speed. And not only can you do all the same modifications to it as the MBWE, but you can actually do a lot more modifications because of its bigger processor.
The modifications i have made to my MBLD are:
Transmission (and it doesn't have to be throttled back on peers like on the MBWE )
FeaturesPacks / Accessbook
Custom firmware reset button
Twonky 8.03
and i've chained an additional 12Tb of storage via USB to the MBLD

The MBLD comes with an NFS server installed. SSH is just a mouse click to enable.

Have a look here
for a lot of guides folks have written on doing hacks to the MBLD.

MyBookLive Duo 4T
FeaturesPacks, Twonky, ownCloud

I would strongly advise you to buy a different make and model. But maybe I'm biased — I'm also the owner of a MyBook White Edition and though I've enjoyed tinkering with it, I got a lot of headaches from it as well: it overheated quickly, was slow, unreliable and had terrible (=practically no) support.
I just checked the Duo on a (Dutch) webpage, WD My Book Live Duo 6TB - krio - Userreviews - Tweakers
Besides a terribe and slow interface, it mentions the fact that it can hardly be modded (point six).

So I would not recommend you to buy it. If you've got a bit more money to spare, I would buy a Synology 6TB, e.g. the DS214. For fifty euros/dollars more, you get a fantastic device, which is fast, reliable has excellent support and is also modifiable to your heart's content. (399$ vs 349$)

I've just tried updating my MyBook World II 2tb White Light from Twonky Media Server 7.0.8 to 8.0.3 but the new version is not accepting my license. Has anyone else had an issue with this? As OP states that v6/7 keys work with v8, so has it worked for anyone?

I've reverted to 7.0.3 for the moment but will try again when I have the time.

Hi guys, after ages still enjoying a Blue Rings and White Light MyBook, yet now I'm thinking to buy an 8TB My Book Duo.

I'm not sure if this is the correct thread for this NAS, but I'd like to ask your advice, primarily does anyone have this above Duo and is it hackable modifiable? :) No special requirements, only seeking some extra features like NFS, SSH, etc.

Thanks a lot!

Good day. I followed the instructions and it was fairly easy to update my MBLD. First I installed the 7.0.9 and it worked fine. The problem I have is that it crashed sometimes and I have to reinstall the program. I decided to upgrade to 8.0.2 and it worked fine. However, I have the same problem where it crashed or if there is a firmware upgrade it erases the program. Any suggestions?


Connection issues with SSH usually point to out of date SSH keys. On your Mac you will need to update your ssh keys with the NAS. You usually get an error when you try to connect via SSH.

See [ ]

From WD forum with similar issue and fix: [ ]

From what I can remember form reading about this issue at WD some time ago, I believe the way to fix this is to delete your old backups and try to connect. I believe there maybe a hidden folder that has security data, connection credentials etc… that once removed will allow Time Machine to find your drive and connect. Before you do anything I would copy those backups you have to another drive for keeping before you proceed on any thing else.

Good morning,

I'm back again after several years of happy use of the NAS in question.

Problem: I have upgraded my mac to Yosemite and I verified the proper operation of TIME MACHINE.

So far, so good. Backup running in 20 hours, I check on the content … all right. One night by accident, from the preferences panel of TM have selected a disk other than the NAS which customarily do backups. I realize and riseleziono the disc placed on the NAS historical and surprise, surprise does not connect to MyBookWorld. Strangely tells me that the device is no longer reachable or that the IP address has changed … but the shared folders and type DOWNLOAD PUBBLIC are there and available. I try to connect via AFP, asking me the Pwd, * backup* but does not recognize it.

Same with the other protocols. I understand that you probably cut a chive registry and after several days spent scrutinizing the various community did not find anything that can help me.

I also found a few pointers on using SSH terminal to change but to no avail … I would avoid disk recovery to factory settings to not erase the contents (850 GB)

Thank you for your attention and cordially greet

Problem is posix format of the script….it needs to run as bash. When the script runs as dash (/bin/sh) the arithmetic for loop is not supported and thus causes your error.

Test the scripthere: and see what it says is wrong.

To fix make sure your first line of that script is:


Also add to the PATH because that is where the program will look for bash in that directory and add to the path:

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/bin:/opt/sbin:/bin:/sbin

Hi, two problems…

1. Upgrading from 7.2.9 to 8.0.3 didn't work following the ver 7 to ver 7 (8) instructions as there is no Twonky folder, so I tried the Twonkymedia-7 folder. Seemed to be ok.
2. When starting Twonky I received this error… /etc/init.d/twonky: line 211: /usr/local/twonkymedia-7/twonkystarter: cannot execute binary file

So not sure if it's due to using the wrong zip file or unzipping it in the wrong folder.

Why would there be no Twonky folder yet Twonky was working?


Hi all and thanks for your work.

I've tried to debrick my MBL 1TB with the script but I've received the messege

DebrickMBL: 67: DebrickMBL: Syntax error: Bad for loop variable

I'm a rooky on linux and I have no idea how to fix it or what should I do.

I will apreciate some help.

Many thanks


Please, What can i do to automatic start ps3netsrv?

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