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Sorted why it failed.

I should have specified the path correctly.

This works

sudo mount -t nfs Test/

Re: NFS Mounts by mad_tmad_t, 30 Oct 2014 08:38

the wheezyimg is gone from 4shared can you repost please, I'm learning and don't currently have the skills to recreate or compile a kernel.


I've had this working before but for some reason when I try an NFS mount I get :

mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting

/var/log/messages on the White Light shows:

Oct 29 14:48:19 MyBookWorld daemon.warn mountd[6219]: refused mount request from for /Test (/): no export entry

If I check /etc/exports I see :

/nfs/Public *(ro,all_squash,sync,insecure,anonuid=65534,anongid=1000)
/nfs/Download *(ro,all_squash,sync,insecure,anonuid=65534,anongid=1000)

The mount command I'm using is:

sudo mount -t nfs Test/

Any ideas why this is failing ?


[SOLVED] NFS Mounts by mad_tmad_t, 29 Oct 2014 14:53


Is there anyway I can increase the network transfer speed on my White Light ?
Sending a 500MB file from my Linux server to the NAS is running @ 1.4MB

The Linux server has a gigabit connection, the NAS is connecting at 100M

I've tried upgrading Samba, disabling twonky etc nothing seems to have helped.


Network Speed by mad_tmad_t, 29 Oct 2014 13:31

You can't install the HDD directly in a Windows box. The drive is formatted EXT4.

Re: MBL Duo 8TB?
Simba7Simba7 29 Oct 2014 04:39
in discussion Forum / My Book Live » MBL Duo 8TB?

Why not? If my single-drive MBL can handle a 3TB drive, surely a Duo can handle more than that.

Re: MBL Duo 8TB? by Simba7Simba7, 29 Oct 2014 04:39

I do know that from having tried to help others with LG and SRT files,
they don't seem to want to work with Twonky

Srt subtitles is not part of DLNA standard…

So it's specific with TV brand and how they use it.

Like Samsung TV I guess you need to specify a profile in Twonky to manage the TV correctly.

I guess you will have more answers on Twonky forum for this kind of questions.

Hi, you can't mix the firmware, not the same processor, not the the linux.

But I don't understand your problem because MioNet and MyBook World Edition (whitelight) works fine with iPhone (WD photos classic on iTunes).

Basically, what I want to do is install a heatsink and fan in my MyBook Live. I'm currently running Gentoo Linux on it (kernel and it keeps locking up while running Deluge or any high CPU task.

I'm getting rather sick of it so I'm planning on doing a few mods to it so the processor stops overheating. Better than leaving it in the freezer.

Has anyone done this?

Heatsink & Fan on CPU? by Simba7Simba7, 26 Oct 2014 23:21

Make sure the processor is the same. Certain models have MIPS, ARM, or PPC processors and are NOT interchangeable.

Thanks for help and quick answer :) Now i got new version of Twonky but stil have no Subtitles in movie watching LG TV, Subtitles are in srt format named exactly like movie but are not displaed on my TV. Any sugestion ?

Hi, if you follow my guide, you should have a 30 day trial.

But in some case, the trial expire in 0 day :-/ and ask you key directly.

Is this the first time you try to upgrade ?

I have current twonky 7.0.9
follow the steps and instructions i try to upgrade but i still have 7.0.9
in this line
mv /usr/local/sbin/ /usr/local/sbin/

got this:
DyskSieciowy:/usr/local/twonkymedia-5# mv /usr/local/sbin/ /usr/local/sbin/
mv: cannot stat ‘/usr/local/sbin/’: No such file or directory

what i do wrong ? sory for bad english :)


Thank you for the guide. I've followed the guide and upgraded to Twonky 7.2.8 , old dersion was 5 something .. the default with my white lights. After upgrade is now asking me for the licence key. Was this supposed to happen ?

Many thanks


In case anyone else is interested, I succeeded in installing Debian Wheezy on my machine ( a Mybook World Edition with blue rings ).

The kernel cannot be updated (the relevant code was not part of the mainline, so it was left behind at 2.6.17). What I did instead, was compile a GLIBC version that works with this old kernel, and used it to overwrite the libc6 files of a debootstrap-ed /wheezy/lib/arm-linux-gnueabi/ folder.

After that, I chrooted successfully into a /wheezy - and seeing that it worked, I used a busybox-static shell to replace the /bin,/sbin,/usr,/var,etc folders of Lenny with the Wheezy ones.

Rebooted and - voila! My MBWE blue rings is probably the only one on the planet running Debian Wheezy :-)

You can read more details in the relevant UNIX stackexchange question ( http slash slash RmY3yo ) - where I ended up answering myself :-)

And if anyone else is interested, I can upload the compiled GLIBC files someplace.

you'll have to know Linux a bit to fix this and I can't take responsibility if you mess up your equipment. I recommend you backup the original files to the root of the mbw for worst case purposes. however, I can say we have confirmed this working. please see jdz2k post below but remove 2 spaces.
http://community. wd .com/t5/Other-Network-Drives/My-Book-World-Edition-loses-connectivity-with-my-PC/m-p/399009#M8192

For all those that like to keep uptodate with Twonky, 7.2.7 seems to be the last MSS2 code train from Twonkyforum that will work with the MBWE I or II (white light) .

7.2.8. and 7.3RC4 on white light create the following error in the syslog ever 30 seconds or so :-

Oct 18 15:04:49 ActiveSVR daemon.err Airplay-Plugin: GetLargeResourceRecord: opt 65002 optlen 8 wrong

The effect is to stop the NAS from going to sleep. Disks and system remain active irrespective of any other action.
I have not got to the bottom of the error. It looks like a bad call in compiled code.

The pointer to the code list is :-

twonkyforumdotcom- Forum TwonkyServer - Topic - Twonky Server Revision History - Aug 11 2014 - User - Philbertron

If anyone has any thoughts on this error, please feel free to let me know.

I have the 1 TB white light edition and it's running the 01.02.14 with MioNet firmware but I would like it to run the Mybook Live firmware so I can use this device with my iPhone apps. Is it possible to have it run the my book live firmware?


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