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so does highlevelbits still exist?
Is the featurepack available online? (I have installed but want tp check a few things e.g. can't remember what sort_dirname.tar.gz is for.

Also - is there a featurepack / ipkg for MyCloud?


It's been eons since this thread was posted to. Alas, reading the .sh script it looks as if a new drive can be formatted with it. Am I wrong in this assumption? Currently I have only time and no access to equipment to test. At home I have a DUO that the two disks (CAVIAR GREEN (SMH)) are unresponsive in totality. I'd love to slide two new disks of the same size in the enclosure and be done with it. I've been reading up on this site to address MY BOOK DUO issues and this post seems like the ticket to SUCCESS!!!

I just bought a 6 TB (2 x 3 TB) WD My Book Duo and I installed the WD Security, WD Drive utilities software. Everything works fine because the disk is recognized and I can write to the disk. I then wanted to protect the access to the disk with a password and I used WD Security to set a password. When I stop the WD My Book DUo, I unplug it from my PC, and plug it back in, the access to the disk is locked before password but when I write the password I just chose, WD Security displays the following error message: invalid password.
I tried to erase everything on the disk with WD Drive Utilities, reformat the disk and redefine a new password to pass, I still have the same error message and unable to access to my disk WD My Book Duo.

PS: my PC is on Windows 10

Thanks a lot for your help.

You can use the wayback machine. Thats how I got most files. there is also someone who added all files to a git hub type site.

New Site that was done by someone. It has an extras setup. That was never finished, but is nice start. It lets you merge logins and lets you switch between standard menu and feature packs menu without messing with login.

Do a search for MBWE Extras in google. I cant post links.

All Feature Pack files

Do a search for mbwescripts on sourceforge.

I backed my folder up before clean installing. You just need the registered file.
On setup, you install feature pack, then overwrite folder with backup, all works fine.

Hello, have you tried to reactivate with the code you received the first time ?

MyBook Live 2T + FeaturePacks - MyBook World Edition (white light) 1T + Registered FeaturePacks - QNAP TS259 Pro+ 2T QTS 4.2

I still have the script and just uploaded it to Google Drive. Please write me a PM as I'm not allowed to share the link here.

I was having difficulty with Twonky version that shipped with MyBookLive - purchased and upgraded to 8.5.1 using the guide on this forum and it works great! Thank You Dav-M ! Much appreciated. If you ever find yourself in Chicago, LMK - Martini is on me! :-)

Hi everyone, I'm new member and I are a newby also for Linux world.
My friend given me a HD My Book World II Edition (white light) on which had installed debian and could not longer access via the web.
In fact, I can connect to HD via ssh but I can’t longer access the web interface.
Through WINScp I was able to verify that the contents of the hard disk remained intact, so that for now I’m making a copy of the folders contained in the HD, just to save the saveable.
I looked for some help on the net on how to “resume” the My Book in question and I read in this site the guide for install the feature pack, but the site highlevelbits, where I must download the files, is now down.
Can you tell me where I can find this feature pack or, alternatively, how can I reinstall the original firmware on the HD?
Thanks a lot and bye

I killed both my Dual Drive, and Single Drive WD MBWE (Blue Rings) NAS drives..

How - Corrupt files from downloading them
(They are all over, and can still be found, dropbox, links here, the wayback machine etc..)

I have found - RAR downloads ->
Most contain all first three partitions as Bunzip format, seems that Some all 3 are good though reports of Some w 3rd partition corrupt ?, most importantly I found that the file in ALOT of them was 0 bytes (so wasn't right, and would look like it wrote something ok, but is not bootable

I have found - ZIP dounloads (IE dropdox)
These contain the first two partitions as BunZip format, and the 3rd and 4th format as .tar.gz archive
(IE partition creation and restore files is not same as original "Rescue" guide )

(**If anyone found in the Forums/Mess the guide that belongs with the files (2 BunZip , 2 TarGzip ) type then possibly some others might save some time..

I have the native 500GB Single Disk Model, I had been able to make the Dual model boot to 2.18 firmware and see both drives, but I seem to have goofed it up..

If I get it back then I will have images for that one too..


You don't need all the images on both drives, the 2 Drive Edition will rebuild the second drive itself..

I have a Functional 2x 1TB drive version I can suck the images off one drive..

I am currently working on a SSH opened / Hacked one, but can possibly restore it stock.. (TBD)

I am trying to figure out how to grow the Data Raid partitions to fill 2TB drives..
(Links and Guides are all over the map.. )


Sorry Any searchers, I missed the update on this thread.

I have both a 1 disk and 2 disk Raid Model of the Blue Rings Mybook World Editions.

Both Enclosures I am open to selling Cheaply, or I can sell w Working HDD's installed on TBD talk.

I can provide the Files from either if / as required
(I found the files and rescue requirements hard to find, all the old links are dead or dying.. )

I will keep a better eye for any replies..


Hi all,

my head is smoking, I'm completely at a loss now. I've got an old 2TB MBWE (white light) that at some point lost its shares. The web interface still shows the two shares, but I can't access them from a Mac or PC. I disassembled the drive and put it into another WD external casing that I still had, and ran into the problem that the drive is encrypted (disk utility showed four partitions, but couldn't read any data). So I thought it's a better bet to put the disk back into the MBWE casing and try to access the data through SSH.

What I found:
- apparently, there is some sort of RAID set up, as the /dev/md0 to /dev/md3 are all mapped to /dev/sda1…4 .
- there is NO /etc/fstab file… is that an issue?
- all the small partitions are mounted, but the /dev/md2 partition which is mapped to /dev/sda4 doesn't mount.
- when I try to mount the partition, it gives me an Illegal Parameter error.
- apparently, the partition doesn't have a recognizable file system. When I do an e2fsck, I get an error about a bad superblock. If I try to use the backup blocks, none of them work.

So I reckon the only way to save my data would be to do some sort of corrupted partition repair, and that's where I got completely confused.

There's a tool called TestDisk which I wanted to install, but apparently the Linux version that's on the MBWE is super reduced and doesn't have any package installer other than IPKG, which doesn't know the TestDisk package. So I tried to install all sorts of other package managers, like OPKG and Pacman, but even they require some sort of basic package manager. I just ran from one rabbit hole to the next and have no clue if I'm actually chasing up the correct problem, if the drive itself is at all recoverable or if there are any other options that make more sense.

HELP! :)

thanks all

I have to rebuild my WD My Book World Book Edition with the blue lights.
It will have two 2TB drives . I have the procedure but I need to get these files listed below.


Can anyone pass on where to get these?
Appreciate it.
The Sys Eng

Hi everybody… I still have a working MyBook WE1 (White-Light) but after I recovered it (New Disk with new System) and reinstalled the Feature Packs the register option (HighLevelBits) doen't work anymore. Does someone have an alternative for it or just for MybookClone? In the past I had registered MybookClone… Thanks!

Install screen?
dracenmarxdracenmarx 06 Sep 2020 08:13
in discussion Forum / My Book Live » Install screen?


I would like to use the GNU screen utility, as alternative to nohup.

I have SSH access but aptitude/apt-get does not find the screen package.

What can I do to install it?

Thank you for your help

Install screen? by dracenmarxdracenmarx, 06 Sep 2020 08:13
Re: OwnCloud
Paul James DavisPaul James Davis 20 Aug 2020 11:01
in discussion Forum / My Book Live » OwnCloud

Hi having finally given up on getting any support from WD I want to install owncloud on my box.
Couple of questions excuse me if they are dumd.
1. Will it wipe out the existing operating system and security or run alongside it?
2. In the guide you created I am unsure what is the instruction to type and what is the result I will see. Can you help me understand a little more please?

Many thanks

Re: OwnCloud by Paul James DavisPaul James Davis, 20 Aug 2020 11:01

Hi, may you please help me how you created those new events? I don't get how to call a script with an event e.g 2009

I need to use to alert about IP Changes
host | sed -n -e 's/^\(.*\)\( has address \)/\1/p' | sed "s/^/`date` /" » /DataVolume/shares/Public/MyIP.txt

Re: Send Mail on MyBookLive by Dekko001Dekko001, 07 Aug 2020 07:01

I have MyBookLive since 2011. I upgraded Twonky to version 7 and used that version for years.
I updated the MyBookLive firmware that reset the factory settings.
The download link from versions prior to 8.3 has been removed.

I found this site with versions 6 and 7. Follow whoever needs it (remove spaces from link).

http : // / wd / Book / townky / old /

I have MyBookLive since 2011. I upgraded Twonky to version 7 and used that version for years.
I updated the MyBookLive firmware that reset the factory settings.
The download link from versions prior to 8.3 has been removed.

I found this site with versions 6 and 7. Follow whoever needs it (remove spaces from link).

http : // / wd / Book / townky / old /

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