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I'm tinkering with it too and expect it to work…lol. i had featurepacks and optware working just fine for quite some time but I want more out of this NAS. it's not like the cpu is running at 100% at all times, etc. the weird thing was that the wd Black hdds worked for months but now don't want to even let the device power on for a few minutes. I did manage to save my data but know it'll be be a headache to get this back up and running the way it was. as a matter of fact, its still auto rebooting the NAS even after putting optware on it. I've now removed the hdd that has a few bad sectors, wiped the other clean, and started over. we will see if this helps the NAS to stay online. it may be the motherboard as Dav-M said. next, i'll try the other NAS and see if it will stay online. thanks for everyone help. god bless.

Well, I personally had no problems with 01.02.14, but I'm sure there are bugs in anything WD releases. (Past tense, as my disk has died) On the other hand, many hobbyists are tinkering with their WD disks and then expect everything to remain functional. That is neither realistic nor fair towards WD.

WD recommends only using WD Greens, because of the temperature, so it's no surprise the black disks don't work well (as Dav-M already remarked in his post of 18 May).

Did you manage to save your data?

I have f/w 01.02.14 installed on wd green hdds and its ok so far! any bugs on this f/w? I gave up on the wd black hdds as it seemed the power supply couldn't sustain constant activity over many months.

No i am not referring to your rear USB ports on your iMac.
You said you had a new WD MyCloud NAS. I am referring to the USB port on that. If it has a USB port.

Based on your questions here, I highly encourage you to hire someone to fix this problem for you.

MyBookLive Duo 4T
FeaturesPacks, Twonky, ownCloud

Thanks… I appreciate your advice Gunt76. By "rear MyCloud USB Port" you're just referring to any of the rear USB ports on my iMac?

Hi giugiuseppe,

have you tried following my advice on the replies above? Start from my first one and tell us what you're having trouble with, we'll try to help you. (Be aware that you'll need to do most of the process using a command-line interface: if you've never done that, particularly with the MyBook Live or other GNU/Linux-based system, there is a certain learning curve.)

you are correct. I didn't want the new f/w and didn't research it and typed it wrong. I've corrected it to 01.02.14. I saw a post on wdc forums where a moderator said they didn't release 01.01.18 to the public or something which explains why I can't find it and why its not mentioned in the pdf above. I did a diagnostic on 1 of 2 of the wd green disk and it repaired bad sectors. I placed it in the NAS alone running in degraded raid mode and it still auto reboots the NAS…lol. i then erased all the content. the other green hdd reports bad sectors too that I haven't repaired and instead cloned to another hdd because I don't want to lose data. I tried getting the new firmware onto the wd green hdd that I repaired bad sectors yesterday but got tired. i'll run it in degraded raid mode and see what happens.

I'm sorry I can't help you with firmware 01.01.18, which was also the firmware version when I bought my My Book.
I have saved the following firmware versions: wdhxnc-01.01.14.img, wdhxnc-01.02.04.img and wdhxnc-01.02.12.img.

Like you, I was reluctant to upgrade, reading about all the trouble users ran into. Still, I found that upgrading to the last version, wdhxnc-01.02.14.img, was not as problematic as I had expected.

I don't know why you mention f/w 02.01.06 which is suitable for the My Book Live only (

(By the way, if you can spare the money, buy a Synology! Great support, 1 OS for all their NAS, great performance, no overheating etc. etc! I should have done this years ago. All the aggravation the My Book has caused, the countless hours of problem solving or reinstalling the firmware!)

You definitely have jumped into the deep end.

The number one thing you have to do is read the debrick guides on this site or the WD forum. It says to use a computer running Linux, not a Mac or PC. Why is that? Because the MBL drive is formatted in ext3 (a Linux format type), which cannot normally be read by a Mac or PC.

The guides are a step by step account of what to do. If you can't understand some part of it, then do a Google search. The guides even tell you how to turn your PC or Mac into a Linux machine temporarily with a bit of software. What you are attempting to do (fix your MBL) is way above the average user's skill level, but it is possible if you read the guide carefully and follow it to the letter. If you feel that is too hard for you, then do not progress another step because one false move and you will lose your data. In fact, you may have already did just that with the 'First Aid partition repair' you tried. Instead find someone you can pay to help you.

A quick thing you could try is to put the MBL drive in the USB enclosure, then connect it via USB to your MyCloud rear USB port. Then try to view the files through your MyCloud interface. The MyCloud will mount the partitions of the MBL. The MyCloud is running Linux OS afterall.

MyBookLive Duo 4T
FeaturesPacks, Twonky, ownCloud

I may have jumped into the deep end here, so please bear with me. Now have a USB device that allows you to slip in the bare drive and theoretically "see" whats on the drive. When I connect, the drive is acknowledged on my iMac and it goes to disk utility, where options are First Aid, Erase, Partition, RAID, and Restore. Tried "First Aid" and got the following:

Verifying and repairing partition map for "WDC WD20 EARX-00PASBO Media
Checking prerequisites
Checking partition list
Adjusting partition map to fit the whole disk as required
Checking for an EFI system partition
Problems encountered during repair of the partition map
Error: Couldn't find the target disk for this operation.

I also have another new 2TB drive to accept all my recovered files if I can in fact recover them. But at this point I am a bit lost. Any further help would be appreciated.


This may brick your MBL, https_//sites_google_com/site/yangkunlun/benchmark/debianjessie
I cannot provide a tutorial to install from stock firmware, I replaced them with pure squeeze long time ago, and may changed some uboot enviroment variables.
On that page, you have necessary things. The rootfs can be retrived from debootstrap after ssh into mybooklive.
The first thing to do is try to boot from tftp and use nfs root, this allow you to test the kernel and installation easily, then you can transfer everything on the hard drive.
In stock firmware, try to install debootstrap from squeeze, then it should allow you to bootstrap at least wheezy for testing.
I can help you go through this if you are comforable with console or disassemble to access the harddrive (may need attach a serial console if things go bad).
Then maybe we can write a proper guide to install it for others.

I have difficulties to build anything. )) Could you please upload somewere all that stuff, needed for upgrading to kernel 4.0 and Jessie?

Im going to try your suggestion as the other options failed. I'll use a green hdd on the used Nas with latest firmware tommorrow

I had the wd greens in for years w/o issue. I cloned them and put them to the side so I could try wd black hdds even though I saw the disclaimer about the green preference. I used wd black hdds for at least 2.5 months and it only overheated twice when I first put them in as I was missing a foot for the NAS at first. I was installing optware programs during this time with the wd black hdds. then, it started auto rebooting the NAS. I put the wd greens back in and still auto rebooting w/o the optware programs. maybe I did damage something but we will see. it's odd that this used WD nas I got for spare parts does the same thing but the owner stated he was using Samsung 2.5" hdd's and I let him keep those.

I think about another potential problem, you do use in HDD ?

If not WDC green, you could be have heat issue and can explain the reboot.

I was going to follow that post but wanted the same firmware because I know its bugs. I just restored a configuration from last year. the next step would be to restore factory defaults. then i'll try your suggestion too. :) thx.

May I suggest something ?

Try to install a fresh firmware on another HDD.

You will be sure it's the motherboard or HDD or software problem.

Thanks. I updated to 8.03 without issues.

And i figured out the answers to my previous questions.

1) The thumbnails issue is the result of some logic that a user just has to understand properly before making thumbnail images. Naming an image 'folder.jpeg' is the first step. Place the image in the same folder as the music files. That's where Twonky looks for them, not in the folder above it. Some music files have embedded images, they may take priority over the 'folder.jpeg'.

2) to avoid the Folder View problem, in Advanced Settings the user can override this.

There is a beta Twonky 8.1 out for use if anyone wants to try it.

MyBookLive Duo 4T
FeaturesPacks, Twonky, ownCloud

I tried another power supply that came with a used WD mbwe ii NAS unit with the same result. I even tried plugging directly to electrical outlet per WD tech support advice with same result. it may be the m/b. maybe I should buy a new unit and test.

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