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Maybe start like you have nothing by move the current Twonky 7 elsewhere.

Like :

mv /usr/local/twonky /usr/local/twonky7

And apply the guide like the first time (no upgrade)

I get the same error message when I try that :(

I started doing it half as upgrading twonky for the first time and then remembered to follow the "upgrade" part of the guide which means I probably caused some issues :S

Is there any way of resetting it all to factory defaults and trying again (without affecting my files etc. on the drive)?


If you follow my guide, try :

/usr/local/twonky/twonky start

(It's the script you've download from my website)

Did you follow upgrade part ?

Hi aliron and others,

Hard week-end for me to find a solution to your weird issue.

Sometimes, some MBWE I or II doesn't execute properly javascript code to timeout feature.

The behaviour : web page refreshed continually.
A workaround : Stop refreshing the web page by clicking on the naviguator button.
Solution : uninstall MBWE-Extras 0.2 and install new last version.

Normally that solves the issue.

Otherwise, Twonky 7 package is available now.
Due to this bug i've postponed creation of packages Transmission and OpenVpn.

Best Regards.

copy the "link" and delete the spaces I had to include in order to post this …

Hi A.,

assuming you already found a solution, but in any case, I'm not too confident with the partition layout of MyCloud but a good unbrick manual is here htt ps: //drive .google. com/file /d/0B_6OlQ_H0PxVejVic2ZubXBfbHM/edit wich I had to use. It shouldn't affect you data but you might wanna backup beforehand.

and apt-get doesn't work with the wd firmware. Version 4 has a 64K page size and needs special compilation, Version 3 should be able to use apt but I would be extremely careful here, too. You might want to try a clean debian. ht tp: // community. wd. com/t5/WD-My-Cloud/Clean-debian-and-OpenMediaVault-on-WDMyCloud/td-p/785505 since you have to reflash the system anyway.


Hi Dav-M,

Firstly, huge thanks for your guide, I've been using it for a while now to upgrade twonky on my NAS :)

I tried to upgrade to 8.0.1 but I think I messed up somewhere because now when I try "/etc/init.d/twonky start" I just get "TwonkyMedia server not found" in response.

Can you help?


Hello everybody,

I have installed your tool.It repidly refreshing h t t p ://ipofnas/admin/system_index.php?lang=en and other pages.(about every 2-3 seconds ), thats why i can't normaly brows the menu.
I tried to install twonky package , got "twonky7_0_0 : pack not found! Please wait…"

Hope that you will continue with this useful tool.

P.S.: after 20 minuts I started to get this when login into network storage maneger

UNKNOWN 503 Server temporarily overloaded
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 20:34:34 GMT
Cache-Control: no-cache,no-store
Content-Type: text/html; charset=%s
Connection: close

<head><title>503 Server temporarily overloaded</title></head>
<h3>503 Server temporarily overloaded</h3>
The server cannot process the request due to a high load

No, I didn't test your tool, because I'm a french IT pro ;-) but sound a great tool for newbie :)

Hi Dav-M,
Did you try to update to Twonky 8.0.1?
Can I use the same steps of this guide?

Merci pour le message de bienvenue.

Les personnes intéressées par le programme peuvent donc aller lire le :
h t t p s : / / / MBWE-Extras / Downloads / blob / master /

Si tu as installé le soft, merci de me laisser ton avis et les éventuelles erreurs rencontrées (j'espère très peu) ou suggestions.

Bienvenue alors :) tu peux poster sans lien cliquable comme tu viens de le faire, les gens comprennent en général qu'il suffit de virer l'espace :)


low karma can't post a link like h t t p ://mylink…

Yes, i'm french guy !

I will publish Twonky, transmission and openVPN packages next sunday.


Unfortunately it doesn't work like that.

Your HDD need to be prepared before with the OS use by the NAS.

You need to restore the disk on a computer with a backup of another Mybook.

Check on this forum for a backup of another MyBook Live Duo.

Good luck !


If you focus to non IT people, I think you need to explain a little more :)

Post your link like that : http ://yourlink…. should be ok even with low karma

I guess it's :

Sounds a great job you've done :)

Are you French ?

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