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Re: SOLVED - MBWE HD replacement by plaoplao, 25 Oct 2016 06:07

Hi all,

sorry if reposted, just a quick question.

I replaced my HD (capacity 1 TB) with a new one (with the capacity 2 TB), performing an exact clone.

Now (and it's logic), I see the remaining unused space as "unallocated"…please what's the easiest way to reassign this unallocated space to the datavolume partition?

GPARTED? Or this can be done also with a command-line instruction?

Thanks in advance and (as still I wrote) sorry if still posted/answered!!!

Kind regards,

MBWE HD replacement by plaoplao, 24 Oct 2016 10:44

zeezoo and other interested need to check out 2 things
schwabenlan de /en /blog /2016 /02 /17 /upgrading-to-jessie-on-mybooklive
also there is working LEDE (OpenWrt fork) apm821xx/sata linux-4.4.23 .They sharing some patches for vanilla sources via git



From the explorer, juste type \\ipOfYourMyBook\share

Where ipOfYourMyBook is the IP adress or name of your mybook and share the share name.

So for example \\MYBOOK\WD_Backup

Re: PC Connection Problems by Dav-MDav-M, 04 Oct 2016 17:17

I've recently moved to new hdd (4Tb)…nothing new but it was without desktop PC ussage as I dont own DesktopPC . Tftp server / Serial 3.3V console was a must.
So I did some checkouts with recent lede distro on WD my book live ( tftp boot ) and decided to stay with mighty Debian .
Ive used 3Tb image and v2 guide via mounted samba share over lede tftp boot .
did gdisk gpt fix ( gdisk /dev/sda , then v for verify ,and finaly w to write)
So I was unable to change parttion size under partd .So decided to use gdisk once again (now it has visible additional capacity).
remove sda4 partition
add new sda4 partition type 0700 and size covering all my free space
format /dev/sda4 with jurnal size 2GB ,block 64k and other options taken form old /DataVolume partition .
mkfs.ext4 -M /DataVolume -O huge_file,uninit_bg,dir_nlink,extra_isize,^64bit -J size=2048 -b 65536 /dev/sda4
Then reboot and it should be full drive visible under df -H listing.

now … need to find the way to move data from old drive to new one … (usb enclosure give me unknown partition table)


This is bugging the hell out of me so any help would be appreciated. I have a WD Mybookworld 2TB (white light) that I use to store all my TV and Movies etc for running with Plex as our main media player. I'd always done this on Mac without a problem as when you go into finder there's a 'connect as' option which lets me connect to WD_Backup where all my media is kept.

I now need to take my MacBook out of the house on a daily basis which means other people can't use Plex. I thought this wouldn't be a problem as I would set up the drive on PC, setup Plex and leave it running all the time.

For the life of me I can't work out how to access the drive through the file explorer on Win10. I can see MyBookWorld on the network but it only takes me to the public, shared and config drives as if I'd logged in as a guest and doesn't give me the option to login to WD_Backup. It also shows a picture of the NAS labelled 'storage' and MyBookWorld under media players but these only take me to the web interface.

Can anyone give me a clue how to log into the WD_Backup user so I can access my media on the PC?

Thanks in advance!

PC Connection Problems by Paul SutcliffePaul Sutcliffe, 02 Oct 2016 15:32


I have MBW running "Linux MyBookWorld #1 Thu Apr 1 16:43:58 CST 2010 armv5tejl GNU/Linux" currently.
I've read your instructions but if I mount /dev/md0 /boot is empty.

Is it possible to install Debian Jessie and if yes could you please help me with some step by step instruction to upgrade?


Hi folks,

I have an old Mybook world edition II NAS and im trying to get it working with my MAC book (exFAT), but i cant find it when i launch WD Access software on my MAC (i assume whatever Linux OS is running on drive is not compatible with current MAC OS).

The drive is visible in network places on MAC and XP, so working fine.

Ive also tried a windows XP VM, but when i launch WD access installer it says will only work with vista SP2. Grrrr :(

Ultimatley i want to reformat the drive completely and run EXfat file system, and hopefully be able to use the drive as a NAS and keep my MAC time machine backups on it. I suppose the first step here would be getting GUI / SSH access.

Any help much appreciated :)


Hi PotatoMasher,
Have you solved this problem??
Could you explain me how you did it?

I got the same issue with the "unknown host" trying to add the mac address after fixing my old blue ring MBW.


Whatever happened to the thread on OpenMediaVault?

I was really interested in this, as WD stopped updating the unit.

Can someone throw me a bone here?

edit: nevermind… fount it! :) Can't publish the link though…

My MBWE does not respond to ping. The blue lights are off but the ethernet leds light up. I removed the disk and connected it to a windows computer (USB2SATA) I can access the three partitions, not the 4rth (Linux Swap). The program I used is Linux reader (DiskInternals ). It reports that there is a damage to RAID array.All other data is accessible and have been saved to another disk. How can I be sure which one fails? The board or the disk?)

How can I be sure of what is the problem? My MyBook world single drive blue rings seems dead. Does not respond to ping. The disk seems OK. The tool I am using reports that there is a RAID damage and cannot access the 4rth partition (Linux Swap). I can access all the other.
So after all these, is the board damaged? Or Is it the disk that makes MyBook not to function?

Well, i tried it, but the motor of the Seagate 8TB isn't even spinning / starting in the MyBookLive Duo. Basiclly, any HDD except for Western Digital HDDs are dead in the Nas. Is there any way to fix this problem? Something like firmware downgrade or stuff like that?


i couldn't find anything, so i thought i could make a new thread. Please don't kill me if something like this thread is already existing.
I have a WD My Book Live Duo with 2 WD Red 2TB HDDs. I want to install new HDDs in the My Book, since i got the NAS from a friend for free because he dropped it, and the 2 HDDs are broken.
So my question is: Is it possible to install 2 Seagate Archive 8TB HDD in the NAS? Im working on it since 2 weeks and the Nas isnt booting.
The NAS is not broken. I tested it with a WD RED 2TB HDD, which was in my PC. Is it even possible to install None-Western-Digital HDDs in this NAS?

My book Live Duo by TrutVonHahnTrutVonHahn, 01 Sep 2016 17:53

It seems that I cannot access the disk. No ping, not visible in my network. Is it a disk error or a hardware problem? Can anyone advice me what to do?
I connected the disk to a laptop (WinVista). The data can be restored with Linux reader (DiskInternals)
I copied all my files to another disk.
When I try to open the 4 logical disks that are in the WD disk i manage to see the contents of the first three. On the 4rth there is an erro that sais:"Raid Array 2 (Raid 1 (Mirror))(LDM Device) is damaged. Recovery is possible
Can't open disk. Linux Swap"

The system cannot address a storage space larger than 2TB. No matter what you may wish, you may only use RAID 1 with disks larger than 1TB each.

Re: 2TB+ / MBR problem by YokozunaYokozuna, 13 Aug 2016 10:38

You're 90% there. Put your drives back in your box and start it up again.

Go look at <mybookworld . wikidot . com/upgrade-blue-ring-500gb-the-easy-way>. You will need to begin from step 10. Just make sure that any data stored in your undersized partition 4 is copied off, because it'll get clobbered by the process of resizing the partition.

Good luck.

Re: resize data partition by YokozunaYokozuna, 13 Aug 2016 10:32

The largest disk you can put into the device is 2TB. This is an addressable space limitation of the Operating System. If you put 1.5TB or 2TB disks into your two disk system, you must use Raid 1 (mirror) data storage on partition 4.

There are several tutorials here that can guide you in the upgrade process. Just choose the one that matches your technical skill level.

Re: Size HDD by YokozunaYokozuna, 13 Aug 2016 10:06
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