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Transcoding is not possible….so….i dont need processor

Re: MBWE white light Plex by MarthiniusMarthinius, 10 Oct 2015 08:49

Forget about Plex —— not enough processor power for it. Hook up a small cheap android box running Kodi to your TV and it will play anything you throw at it with twonky.

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Re: MBWE white light Plex by gunt76gunt76, 09 Oct 2015 22:15

Nobody knows ?…really ?….Wow….

Re: MBWE white light Plex by MarthiniusMarthinius, 09 Oct 2015 20:25

I download movies and music so i will need to change it every time? But yeah i think that's the best solution. Thanks for your help guys :)

Well, I was able to change the size with the following procedure. I'm really not sure if this does really make sense at all as my free ram did not really look alot better.

Edit (nano) /etc/init.d/S01auto_mountd file and

comment out: #mount -t tmpfs /dev/ram0 /mnt/ram
Right after add: mount -t tmpfs -o size=16m none /mnt/ram

The 16m stands for 16MB of Ram

further down,

comment out: #/bin/umount /dev/ram0
right after add: /bin/umount /mnt/ram

/dev/md0 1.8G 428.7M 1.3G 24% /
/dev/md3 949.6M 168.2M 733.1M 19% /var
/dev/md2 1.8T 884.4G 975.4G 48% /DataVolume
none 16.0M 0 16.0M 0% /mnt/ram
/dev/md2 1.8T 884.4G 975.4G 48% /shares/Public

Ok. I start constructive discussion.

Step by step procedure for beginner:

1. Install Debian

2.Unpack it in /mnt /data/Plex/ - But how ? What command ?

You need to install with apt-get packages like pyhton, ffmpeg, locale How ? What command ?

3. Then simply run it with: cd /mnt/data/Plex/plexmediaserver/ && / mnt/data/Plex/plexmediaserver/ - This is clear..

4.For an automatic startup I just added this line into /etc/rc-local : start-stop-daemon —start —quiet —background -m —pidfile /var/run/ —oknodo —exec /mnt/data/Plex/plexmediaserver/ 2>/dev/null -

So just enter this command ? start-stop-daemon —start —quiet —background -m —pidfile /var/run/ —oknodo —exec /mnt/data/Plex/plexmediaserver/ 2>/dev/null
No cd etc.. ?

5. When you run the automatic startup, first you must run this command: ln -s /mnt/data/Plex/Library /Library - This is clear

6. and to make it save: ln -s /mnt/data/Plex/Library /root/Library - This is clear…

7. Transcoding is not possible. Never mind

I want to use for the Samsung Smart TV

Currently I have installed feature pack and updated Twonky Media Server to 6.0.34 to support mkv playback. But I want plex for my Smart tv .

Please help

Re: MBWE white light Plex by MarthiniusMarthinius, 09 Oct 2015 07:43

I'd also be very intersted in knowing how to resize it. The Links you provided point to something that seems to be completely different from the settings of the WD Whitelight.
I was following the procedures to use a ramdrive for samba and ntp but I already failed with finding that ntp.drift file.

Anyway, I also don't seem to have that .config file. What I got instead is a .config folder with anoother transmission folder in it.

Just to make sure, I think we are talking about the standard WD ramdrive
/dev/ram0 63412 0 63412 0% /mnt/ram

If you have an overheating NAS, buy some USB powered CPU cooling fans 80mm, and place them under the NAS to drive air flow up through the enclosure. This solution changed my temps from 55C to 30C.

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The easiest solution is to use Transmission Remote GUI. Right click on a torret, "set data location', and set where you want it to go.

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Re: MBWE white light Plex by MarthiniusMarthinius, 07 Oct 2015 22:42

check and see. A *..mp3 will grab all but maybe it wont go if an active download.

Thanks for your reply. When the files are being downloaded, transmission adds a .part so I think it will be alright, no?

Do they not get named .mp3 while they are being downloaded? Otherwise, the script may attempt move of incomplete files.

Hello guys,

I've a question. I'm downloading torrents via Transmission and they are located in /Public/Completed.
But I want the NAS to sort the files and place the .mp3 files for example in /Public/Shared Music
And the video files to /Public/Shared Videos. Can this proces be automated? And how can I do that?
I want to make a script but I don't know how. I have a MBWII

Kind regards

Sure. U dont have to relocate or move the nas unless it keeps overheating. If rebuilding a raid at 56% and it happens, u will have to start rebuild raid from 0%.

Well, I can put it in another place
When I put the HD on a external HD enclosure I was able to format it and use it just fine.

Shall I try the method one more time?

You should acknowledge the 3 errors reported on the top right of the health status screenshot. Im concerned about the temp so u may have to set the nas in another position. Are u using a different model hdd? Its ok but am wondering. Its also not good that it says your new hdd smart status failed. It shouldnt say that. If it doesnt rebuildraid this way, go to clone method.

So I have done the steps above.
After restarting the device, I got 2 messages in a


[Health Status]

The light in front of the divide is flashing.

What should I do next?

Make sure u put the jumper on the replacement hdd before u inserted it. Try it again. Take out the hdd thats not being read now and put it in pc and format as ntfs. Put it back in wd nas and here are some instructions ive used.

Log into admin
Go To Advanced
Go To Storage
Go to Disk Manager Clean affected Disk (it goes to unassigned, new)
Go To SystemRestart Unit
The degraded volume will now Resync with it's partner (Raid1) volume after a period of time.
you can track the progress by going to Storage, Volumes & Raid Management and click on "Recovering"

It was a 50-50 rebuild rate for me in that it wouldnt sometimes and would other times. If this fails again, clone your working hdd to the non working and put them in the nas to rebuikd raid. I had more success with this. Use easeus disk copy or g4l. Make sure to select the correct source drive as i cant be blamed for an error with detail.

I clicked on the Clean Disk. It cleaned it, I rebooted the device using the GUI, when it returned it said it was formatting the HD. It took some minutes then the GUI was available again. I went to check the disks and it showed the status "New".

I rebooted it again and now it shows it is missing.

HD Missing

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