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this is the problem I'm having, as well.

Scary moments, but I just upgraded to 8.0.2 and it still works. Not entirely straightforward, but I did it, so feeling pleased.

I think I'll leave it there and not push my luck any further!

Thanks for this excellent resource, Dav-M.


OK - not *entirely* sure how, but I've managed to get Twonky running - and it's great - tracks are served up in track, not alphabetical, order, which is what I wanted.

The script I referred to above seems to download more successfully if you are in the drive's root directory.

I can see the Twonky GUI on NAS-IP:9000 and mess around with it, including entry of the license I have bought!

Remaining question: on my MBLD's original interface, I'm pretty sure I could see, on the Settings>Media page, the option to activate/disable Twonky as well as the WD DLNA. I've read a few posts on here that suggest this is possible, but the link referred to doesn't work.

I guess it's no big deal, as long as I can get into the :9000 page, but it might be helpful to refine the process as far as it can.

I installed V7.0.9 of Twonky. If it's solved my track ordering problem, is there any point installing V8.x and if so, is it straightforward?



Just started going through the installation process again and came across a possible issue I didn't notice first time:

wget httpCOLON//davidDOTmichel74DOTfreeDOTfr/MBLD/twonky - gives a 404 ERROR not found, so the script is missing. Could it be restored, please?

Sorry - as a newbie I'm not allowed to include properly formed weblinks in posts or replies.

Merci beaucoup :o)

Hi Dav-M.

Have found my way here after frustration of not being able to get music files on my WD MyBookLiveDuo to serve up in track order via either a QED UpPlay Stream or a Yahama WXAD-10 streamer, rather than alphabetical order.

When I first bought the MBLD, it had the Twonky server built in, but it disappeared after a firmware upgrade and now only offers DLNA, so I'm guessing my drive is suitable for this reinstallation of Twonky server.

I consider myself an above-average user of IT and am happy enough with MS-DOS command line interface so, although I have no experience of Linux, I reckoned I could have a go at following your guide.

I have carried out all the steps with the greatest care but do not have Twonky running.

I can report as follows:

The MBLD does not respond to the browser command you provided: yourip:9000. The IP of my MBLD is If I use this IP address with the 9000 port I get an error page 'refused to connect', even if I am logged in to the user interface. Putty SSH logs in fine.

I tried the stop Twonky command to see if Twonky actually is running and got this response:

MyBookLiveDuo:~# /etc/init.d/twonky stop
-bash: /etc/init.d/twonky: No such file or directory

So I'm guessing my installation is faulty.

Out of interest I took a look at the contents of the Twonky folder, which contains just one file:

MyBookLiveDuo:/var/twonky# ls -a
. .. TwonkyServer

That's about all I can tell you so far. Clearly I have made a mistake somewhere along the line and if you can spare the time to get me back on track I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks very much in advance.


I have the same problem as you. When I installed it, it worked fine. But after 2 days it stopped working. I had to rerun the script. No idea why. On the latest version of twonky.

thank you for your reply

I have windows 7, i do not have windows 10.

now the harddisk does not take an IP address,

After i reset it by pushing the power button for 40 second, the harddisk led stopped at the button and the harddisk did not take an IP address from DHCP and stop repsonding

plz help

Hi there,

I’ve a Old My Book World Edition White Light 1To, and i can access it with http via admin web ui but i c’ant access shares.

I found an error on volumes :

On this page : IP/admin/storage_volume_manage.php?lang=en

Volume Type Disk Usage Size Status
DataVolume Span unknown unknown Failed

Failed to mount this volume!

Does anyone know how to repair this ?

Thanks a lot !

Have you just had the Windows 10 fall creator update (FCU)?

I have My Book World Edition Network Storage.
I got access using SSH.
I can ping the harddisk

but i can't open shares using \\IP_address

what can i do?


I have the same problem, plz help me,

I have My Book World Edition Network Storage
After i enabled SSH and disable FTP on it, i can’t log in it web interface and can’t even open its shared folders.

When i try to log in to it i receive the below message even before i got a user name and password window.

Index of ./

. 09Feb2012 08:11 4096
… 09Feb2012 08:11 4096
???admin 01Jan1970 02:00 4096
???eula 09Feb2012 08:11 4096
help 09Feb2012 08:11 4096
???mionet 09Feb2012 08:11 4096
???share 09Feb2012 08:11 4096
???ui.css 18Mar2008 08:42 6439
mini_httpd/1.19 19dec2003

I tried to reset it to its default setting without lossing any data by pushing the reset button for 20 minute, but it wasn’t resetted

Please help

Hello Everyone,

To access and store data on a My Cloud device, mapping one or more shares is recommended. This section contains detailed steps to help map a network drive using different methods.

For assistance mapping a My Cloud device on a Mac, please see Answer ID 2686: How to map a WD network drive on a Mac.
For assistance with Windows 10 Error Message Cannot access NAS Drives, Please see Answer ID 13180 Error Message: "Cannot access NAS Drives" occurs when accessing a My Cloud on Windows 10

Any Idea , Suggestions would be appreciated,


I didn't find the right solution

installation video

Edit the file \usr\local\sbin\
There is a table of LED colours for normal mode and errors. On the second section of the table, headed LED_ERR_MODE change the sixth listed entry from "yellow" to whatever colour you want. Edit the corresponding sixth entry on the line underneath from "blinking" to "on" to remove the blinking or "off" if you don't want the LED to show at all. I used vi editor from the command line.

Re: LED light controlling by Nich CarterNich Carter, 30 Sep 2017 14:13

hey i want to set up phpmy andmin and my sql on my wd black 3tb can some one give me the right steps plz

wd my book live by Dazza JohnDazza John, 28 Sep 2017 10:07

Hello smart people.

I have a My Book World Edition II (White Light) 2x1TB that I have had problems with for many years. I am finally attacking the issues now.

I have finally offloaded all of the data and really really want to reset back to factory settings.

However, I cannot seem to access the webgui to do it. I do have SSH access, but am not finding a way to install the latest firmware (wdhxnc-01.02.14.img) as outlined by some of these other accounts on this forum.

Also, it seems like the the port for the webgui is not even listening (8001):

~ # netstat -l | grep
tcp        0      0      *:*                     LISTEN
tcp        0      0      *:*                     LISTEN
tcp        0      0      *:*                     LISTEN
udp        0      0      *:*
udp        0      0     *:*
udp        0      0      *:*
udp        0      0      *:*

Interestingly, the two Twonky servers I have on this device are working just fine (9000 and 9001).

I restarted the httpd service with no effect.

~ # /etc/init.d/S55mini_httpd restart
Stopping mini_httpd: OK
Starting mini_httpd: OK
~ #

Thoughts, feedback, pats on the back are greatly appreciated.


Hi sparkynzl,

May i also download the partition images from you?

My hdd is damaged, and i would like to replace it.

Thank you in advance

Re: Restoring an old friend by aVibberaVibber, 10 Sep 2017 11:09

flick me your email address and ill setup a G-drive download for you..

Re: Restoring an old friend by sparkynzlsparkynzl, 20 Aug 2017 00:20
Re: Java
tdmiketdmike 19 Aug 2017 14:30
in discussion Forum / Installing & Configuring Programs » Java

To answer this old question.

- *The Java package must be compatible with the MyBook's gcc version 4.2.3! -

The MBWE Requirements to run Java - ARMv5 Linux - Headless
And the processor architecture is: ARMv5/ARMv6/ARMv7 Linux - SoftFP ABI, Little Endian 2 built using gcc 4.2.3 and nothing higher.

Java SE Embedded Downloads :

Re: Java by tdmiketdmike, 19 Aug 2017 14:30

To answer this old question. ."…version GLIBC_2.4 not defined…"

- *The Java package must be compatible with the MyBook's gcc version 4.2.3! -

The MBWE Requirements to run Java - ARMv5 Linux - Headless
And the processor architecture is: ARMv5/ARMv6/ARMv7 Linux - SoftFP ABI, Little Endian 2 built using gcc 4.2.3 and nothing higher.

Java SE Embedded Downloads :

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