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Why don't you just use the newest firmware and pay the $20 for a Twonky license fee? Then you can upgrade Twonky forever for free. What you are trying to do now is only going to get you the OEM Twonky version, which is so old and so limited.

MyBookLive Duo 4T
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Re: WD DLNA server vs. Twonky 7 by gunt76gunt76, 15 Mar 2017 21:15

I am trying to downgrade my firmware to 02.32.05-046 so that I can get Twonky back. With WD DLNA in the latest firmware 02.43.10-048, my Sony blue ray player can no longer see MKV files. I've logged into my MyBookLive via PuTTY and don't know what commands to enter to do this. I've tried the commands in step 3 above, but with no success. I have the firmware downloaded for 02.32.05-046 and just need help getting back to it. All my files have been backed up already. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Now you can plug back your Hard Drive to your Mybook and boot on it.
You will be asked the same questions as the very first time that you used your Mybook ( Accept eula, timezone, DHCP or Static configuration) I do not describe this here, as you have already done it once…
Activate SSH ,(launch the Western Digital interface ( user=admin / password=admin) , go to SYSTEM / Advanced , and click Enable SSH)
if you had previously some customized shares, you will need to recreate all of them , [with] the exact same name. to retrieve the list of shares that you had previously created , connect via PUTTY and launch the following

Re: Restore original MBWE by vignesroyvignesroy, 30 Jan 2017 05:46

Hi all, unfortunately I will be forced to use an IPv6 address to connect me remotely to my MBWE white light (my DSL provider use a DS-Lite-Tunnel so a connection over IPv4 is not possible…), is there any chance to upgrade the installed OpenVPN version to (minimum) the 2.3.x?

As stated here: h**s: openvpn wiki IPv6

"Starting officially in the 2.3.0 release, OpenVPN supports IPv6 inside the tunnel, and can optionally be configured with IPv6 as a transport protocol for the tunneled data. There were some unofficial developer patches for the 2.2.x series that added partial IPv6 support (Debian in particular chose to integrate these patches into some of their builds.)"

Or…any link to an "unofficial developer patches for the 2.2.x"???

Thanks a lot in advance!


Добрый вечер, Господа ) ! У кого нибудь остался данный файл: WD_MYBOOK_WE_500GB_FILE.7z ? Возможно у кого нибудь есть образ всего диска ? Никак не могу восстановить wd5000g032. После падения вышел из строя жесткий диск.

Sorry that the code window formatting is all broken. I am actually blind and this forum is incredibly hard to navigate for a blind person.
You can find the properly formatted code on stackoverflow:
(http) unix:stackexchange:com/questions/337446/permission-denied-but-why
(Also this forum won't lent me post a URL)
(I posted the same question there)

Hi all,

I am trying to set up backing up of mybook live over NFS. The NFS itself seems to be working fine, I mounted all the shares on my Linux machine. On mybook I have a few users: tony, user2, user3…

Also I have ssh access to mybook and I created a Linux user pibackup and I wanted this pibackup to have access to all shares. I made pibackup's primary group to be "share", but somehow I still get "permission denied" for pibackup, even though the Linux permissions clearly should allow group share to access the shares directories. I want to emphasize that the "permission denied" happens locally on mybook without any NFS connecitons. So it is not a problem of NFS, but rather some weird Linux permissions issue that I cannot understand.

So I am wondering, how to make user pibackup to be able to access the shares? And also I am curious, how did they block access?

To clarify my problem, here is some output from mybook live:
$ whoami pibackup $ id uid=1100(pibackup) gid=1000(share) groups=1000(share) $ pwd /shares $ ls -ld tony/ drwxrwxr-x 15 nobody share 65536 Jan 12 18:50 tony/ $ getfacl tony file: tony owner: nobody group: share user::rwx group::rwx other::r-x $ ls tony/ ls: cannot open directory tony/: Permission denied

Hello everybody.
Yesterday i upgrated my MBWEII (dual drive, white light in front) from 2x 1TB to 2x 4TB (WDC WD40EZRX) and i encoutered some difficulties with this explanation and so i propose to you my solution, if that can help someone.

0) Have SSH enabled in the Frontend
1) Power Off NAS
2) Remove Drive B - place it somewhere save (1TB-B that is)
3) Insert one of the new 4TB drives into Slot B
4) Power On. Wait 6 hours till drive-recovery is completed (Resyncing).
5) Power Off.
6) Remove Drive A - place it somewhere save (1TB-B that is)
7) Insert the second new 4TB drives into Slot A
8) Power On. Wait 6 hours till drive-recovery is completed (Recovering).
10) Drives will be synced again (visible when you do cat /proc/mdstat after ssh in)
11) ssh in
12) launch "parted" and do "print" , "select /dev/sdb", "print"
for me, it did show a partition table (its GPT, so in theory a 3 or 4TB disk might work)
the last partition (number 4) was 3997GB (or such) in size - perfect.
13) ctrl-d exits parted
though, the device /dev/md2 ist only 997GB in size - mirrored from the 1TB disk. - you need to change that
14) mdadm —grow /dev/md2 —size=max
will grow /dev/md2 to maximum size. This step will retrigger a full rebuild of the raid
15) xfs_growfs /dev/md2
will grow the filesystem containted in /dev/md2 - thats the big DataVolume.

You're done - When the rebuild is done the device should be fully operable and provide 3.64TB or so of space in RAID-1 Mode

Best regards.

djob9601djob9601 02 Jan 2017 17:51
in discussion Forum / Per page discussions » Leds

LEDs don't appear to be turning off after installing linux, any idea why?

by djob9601djob9601, 02 Jan 2017 17:51

Hi again,

I can't get ROOT access .. followed the instructions but no luck…
FW 02.00.19


Hi there and Happy Chirstmas!

I am selling my MBWE 500 GB white drive … I've enabled SSH access and want to tidy the MBWE drive by deleting the 'id 12345678' folder
But I can't find it in the file system

Please can someone advise me how to delete these annoying fiolders …

Many thanks …

OMG Thank you so freaking much, idk if this user is still active but he just solved my problem after giving up on twonky because of this tedious issue I can finally use it

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sorry to hear that. I think my my book also said it was up to date in the gui and I know I've taken the disk out and loaded firmware from scratch in the past. make sure you save all your documents everywhere prior to starting. I think I used Ubuntu to load the f/w to the hdd. do you have version I or II of the my book world white light?

Re: Mybook word network drop out by dz2kdz2k, 02 Dec 2016 13:41


I thought I kept the right images, but unfortunately this is not the right one.

The file is not available on rapidshare.

Please, is it possible to give me an address with these good images ?

Thank you very much in advance.


Still crashing :)
I think I should remove HDD from NAS and load new firmware from scratch. :(

Hi All,

in my unit " My Book Live " the ligth is green fixed but the software doesn't recognize the unit on my network, don't know what to do, also I tried the reset 4 seconds and then unplug power , but nothing changed.
I also used software mbl_windows_setup.exe, and it doesn't find the unit ….

Please, could someone give help ?


can you paste it somewhere because links arent working and i have bricked wd


Wd didnt put it online. I think they put newer firmware online at though. I havent checked in a while.

Re: Mybook word network drop out by dz2kdz2k, 30 Nov 2016 14:38
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