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The system cannot address a storage space larger than 2TB. No matter what you may wish, you may only use RAID 1 with disks larger than 1TB each.

Re: 2TB+ / MBR problem by YokozunaYokozuna, 13 Aug 2016 10:38

You're 90% there. Put your drives back in your box and start it up again.

Go look at <mybookworld . wikidot . com/upgrade-blue-ring-500gb-the-easy-way>. You will need to begin from step 10. Just make sure that any data stored in your undersized partition 4 is copied off, because it'll get clobbered by the process of resizing the partition.

Good luck.

Re: resize data partition by YokozunaYokozuna, 13 Aug 2016 10:32

The largest disk you can put into the device is 2TB. This is an addressable space limitation of the Operating System. If you put 1.5TB or 2TB disks into your two disk system, you must use Raid 1 (mirror) data storage on partition 4.

There are several tutorials here that can guide you in the upgrade process. Just choose the one that matches your technical skill level.

Re: Size HDD by YokozunaYokozuna, 13 Aug 2016 10:06

This is why it pays to keep reading deep into the forum history. Thank you for this command. WD factory configuration does not reserve that 5%, so I couldn't figure out why mke2fs did.

According to Sony, your player has an ethernet connection available. Why don't you use ethernet to connect your BDP client to your MBWE server?

Two different questions:

1) Did you replace both HDDs, or only one? If you replaced only one, you can only ever have a RAID of the smaller size. If you replaced both, go to question 2.

2) Did you follow the procedure specified in mybookworld(dot)wikidot(dot)com/upgrade-blue-ring-500gb-the-easy-way ? Halfway down is terrific guidance on how to rebuild your RAID to the new expanded size.

Without hacking, you are limited to WD brand replacement drives. This is because WD crafted the Operating System to only know the SMART parameters of WD brand drives. If you put in a different brand of HDD, the OS will not know how to read the HDD's internal temperature, and so will forcibly shut down your box after a few minutes in the belief that your non-WD HDD has overheated.

There are wiki articles here that address how to modify the temperature control utility to work with other brands of HDDs.

Re: Hard Drive Question by YokozunaYokozuna, 08 Aug 2016 02:17

Don't pull your hair out trying to get great performance out of this device. WD put a gigabit ethernet interface onto a slow processor with scant RAM and slow HDDs.

It's like putting Formula One racing tires on a Toyota Celica.

The structure of Partition 1 (BIOS) and the contents of Partition 2 (Operating System) are different between the Blue Light and White Light boxes. So it is not plug and play. If the HDD is truly healthy, you should be able to mount the HDD to a PC running Linux (or Windows with ext2fs installed) and read your stored data from Partition 4.

The answer to your Post title question is "yes". Assuming your MBWE HDD is still physically healthy (CrystalDiskInfo should tell you), you should be able to pith it and use it in your MB Live.

The answer to your real problem, though, is "no". You cannot just pop the drive out of one WD storage box and into another and have it just continue working.

The reason is that there is no intelligence resident in the motherboard of any WD storage box. Just as with a PC, all of the intelligence is stored in the HDD. As a rule, WD uses four HDD partitions in its storage boxes. Partition 1 contains BIOS memory, since there is no non-volatile R/W memory on the motherboard. Partition 2 contains the Operating System. Partition 3 is swap space. Partition 4 is User Storage.

When you pop your MBWE drive into your MB Live box it fails because the MB Live box does not organize Partitions 1 and 2 (nor use the same compiled OS image) the same way as the MBWE.

Thank you, JpgOrganizer, for teaching me the "cat /proc/mdstat" command. I have a box that is taking forever to rebuild after a disk failure, and you taught me that I have been foolish in giving up and trying again after a few days. Through your wisdom, I have learned that the process is indeed moving forward, albeit at glacial speed.

Thanks again.

Re: Resize md4 by YokozunaYokozuna, 08 Aug 2016 01:03

Open up your box and remove the strap to your B drive. Then power it up with only the A drive connected. If it comes to life, that drive is healthy.

Then, do the same for drive B to see if drive B is healthy.

If one drive or the other is healthy, you're in luck. Take out the unhealthy (or less healthy?) drive and hook it up to a PC. In Windows 7, click on the Start Button, then right-click on My Computer. Click on Manage. Click on Disk Management when the window opens up. You should see the drive you just took out of your MBWE. If it is physically healthy, but corrupted, you should see four partitions on the drive. If you do, delete each partition, starting from the right side, until you have a completely unpartitioned disk. Put this disk back into your MBWE and power it up. The web interface should show "New X Drive" or "Failed X Drive" in the status corner. Go to Disk Management and tell the box to initialize the new disk. Go away for 6 hours or more while your system is rebuilt.

If your "bad" drive is truly dead, purchase a same-size replacement WD brand (to keep temperature control) drive and install it in your box.

If neither is healthy, look for guides in this wiki for how to extract your data and rebuild your disks.

The good news is that your data are not lost. The bad news is that you will need to gain SSH access (and educate yourself a bit in Linux) in order to extricate yourself from Mionet bondage. For a start, look at mybookworld(dot)wikidot(dot)com/forum/t-24958/removing-mionet-after-using-mionet. It will guide you to locating your Mionet storage location and changing its ownership to somewhere you can reach without Mionet.

Good luck.

I use mio net to log in and manage the files in My Book World Edition II blue rings. With mio net no longer available..does anyone have any idea How I can recover my files? I already try to map the drive but is not working on xp or windows 10. Thanks for any help!



I want to access to MyBook Live 3T out of my home and i descovered issue with loging. I try on Ios system, on andriod and on wd2go web app. All of those applications giving me note that device is turned off. When i want to connect using internal network everythink is ok. I`m using My book live with cracked firmware and Twonky Media server 8.

Single or duo drive ? The one with Twonky inside ? Or WD dlna software ? I remember the first was without Twonky then after Twonky back again.


Happy it still help more than 4 years after :)

What model do you have ? The method work only for MyBook Live 2010-2012 model.

New model are not same OS/linux and may require different startup method.

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