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See my post below, I have the files or a WD MBWE (single disk / blue ring) in working condition

If anyone comes to these threads, and needs the files (From now dead links etc..) they can post here. I have just restored a WD MBWE (Original 1 disk Blue ring..)

I will either post the files here again if needed, or send directly to you if easier..

Alternatively if someone is not as technically inclined, I may be able to ship you a prepared WD_MBWE hard drive pre-configured to install..


Hi guys,

anyone have the recovery files please upload it for us again, all links are not working:(

I have a MBWE white with the first firmware. If I update it to the last firmware 02/01/14 can immediately install FeaturePack Manager following the instructions (1.go to timemachine) on your link - will this work?
everything is good. I did it and my boxing came to life. everything is fine at this point.

Re: FeaturePack Manager by praded2007praded2007, 19 Dec 2019 11:50

Hi guys,

Whatever I do, my windows PC, sees only 3GB partition, can you tell me what am I doing wrong? :(
I repeated steps like 50 times and always same, I see hard disk, I can access firmware but even if I make 10 folders all of them will be 3gb :(

mrkymrky 06 Dec 2019 09:39
in discussion Forum / Per page discussions » Rescue Procedure

Hi guys,

Whatever I do, my windows PC, sees only 3GB partition, can you tell me what am I doing wrong? :(
I repeated steps like 50 times and always same, I see hard disk, I can access firmware but even if I make 10 folders all of them will be 3gb :(

Problem by mrkymrky, 06 Dec 2019 09:39

I got some old WD external boxes and found identifying exactly what they are a challenge. Here is what I think I have:
Part #WD2000HSU - two 3.5" bays, 1-usb 2.0 port (possibly the original MyBook Mirror)
Part #WDVBHxxxxxxx - two 3.5" bays, 1-1Gb RJ-45, 1-usb 2.0 port (possibly the MyBook Duo Live)
Part #I'll let you know - four 3.5" bays, 1-1Gb RJ-45, 2-usb 2.0 (rear), 1-usb 2.0 (front) WD Sharespace

Some ideas and observations. The Sharespace enclosure is quite nice and it occurred to me how it might house an Intel NUC or Raspberry Pi (replacing the unit mainboard). Has anyone considered using these boards on this unit with pin header cables? Now that we know how to open the MyBook boxes without destroying them, has anyone considered replacing the LAN or usb chip to increase its meager performance?

Now that my unrealistic notions have been exposed, let's get down to the practical:
I've said goodbye to Windows permanently and only run Linux distros. It would be helpful to get these up and running so can any of the boxes above be flashed to accept newer, lower power 5400rpm drives?

Hi, many thanks and all the best ;-)

Re: MyBook related usefull link by plaoplao, 01 Nov 2019 09:19

I would like to share this website where I found a lot of interesting software.
There are also highlevelbits recovery tools.
I am no longer the owner of MBWEBR and I leave the community. Good luck

h t t p : // w d n a s . m l / w d /
(due to wikidot limit remove space and make web link)

MyBook related usefull link by taltibio99taltibio99, 14 Oct 2019 12:27

thanks for tutorial.
I have two question first install new twonky.

1) If install twonky 8, in the app mycloud I see the photo Thumbnails?

2) in the list twonky/8.5.1/, you advice download twonky-powerpc-glibc-2.2.5, but I see this version WesternDigital MyCloud 04.xx.xx what are the differences?


I bought new WD 1TB hard disk and put it in a case, what should I do in order for hard to start working?
I did some rescue process from this forum, but I am not sure if it was fine.

I have a diskless MyBook World Edition II (blue light rings) two disks model with ethernet available if anyone needs one. Will be posted from Ireland. Realistic offers accepted.

MDL: WD10000D033-001

Only three years after the initial release: aMule2.3.2


To install: tar xzf aMule2.3.2-MyBookWorld-v1-Blue.tar.gz -C /

It will install the script/symlinks in /etc/init.d. Feel free to edit it for your needs (my amuled is running as the user www-data).

Re: plea for amule binaries by CoronasCoronas, 28 Aug 2019 17:02

RecoveryTool is one piece of software that's pretty good at recovery if the drive are still intact.

Would you be interested in selling or lending MBWE2 Blue with or without the disks?

Do you still have your MBWE2 (blue)? I could use it if you can sell or lend ?

This answer is not accurate.
There is plenty of intelligence on control boards. The MBWE2 has a processor and encrypts the data. The key to the encryption is storred in th last record on the disk. Some skilled Linux people can transplant that key and decrypt the disk. One would still need the password, but if there password was not set - all will readable.
I do not know if the MB Live Duo has the same encryption if any. But if you try , please report back.

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