Hacks & Tutorials
Here is a complete list of links to hacks and howto's for the Western Digital My Book World Edition.
safe_small.JPG = Little knowledge required to do the hack.
warning_small.JPG = Some or lots of knowledge required to do the hack. (not recomended to new linux users)
optware.png = This program is also available as an optware package.

MyBook Live version

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There is a new MyBook out as from end 2010 : the MyBook Live.
This version is significantly different from from the preceeding ones, as it uses a Debian Lenny distribution. Post on the forum and update the Wiki once you have made a hack or find ways to use it. Most of the hacks from this page are different from the one of the MyBook Live, but may be of interest.
Here is the MyBook Live specific section : MyBook Live specific section

White light version update

There is a new version out with white light on the front instead of the blue rings. The configuration of this version is slightly different, so some of the hacks below might not work out-of-the-box as described below. But some will, so feel free to give it a try. Post on the forum if you encounter problems and update the wiki once you have made a hack so that other users know that it works. For aMule and Transmission Automated installations on whitelight see below.

Mybook Live de-brick & Tools

Recovering MBWE bluerings

Getting In

See “Enable SSH” in first steps with mbwe.

Old information (left for reference):

Tips & Modifications

Note: safe_small.JPG optware is in many cases the easiest and safest way to install applications.
Most of the following hacks needs that you first configure optware.

Compile MBWE binaries on your linux PC

Use your My Book as a download server

Use your Mybook as a print server

Use your My Book as a File Server

Use your My Book as a Media Server

  • optware.png Firefly (mt-daapd) streaming music server for iTunes and the Roku SoundBridge
  • safe_small.JPG optware.png Firefly (mt-daapd-svn) same as above but using optware entirely without compiling from sources.
  • optware.png MediaTomb (UPnP MediaServer)
  • TwonkyMedia
  • optware.png Ushare (UPnP MediaServer)
  • safe_small.JPG optware.png Serve Files off your Topfield PVR using Topfield FTP Server
  • safe_small.JPG Install Squeezeboxserver for devices such as Logitech Radio on MyBook Live

Use your My Book as a web and communication server

  • safe_small.JPG Lighttpd webserver - Serve contents of a 'share' over HTTP
  • safe_small.JPG mini_httpd Replaced the built-in Lighttpd on the white light edition. Similar hack.
  • safe_small.JPG Web server Use your My Book as a secure web and PHP server .
  • safe_small.JPG AccessBook A nice and fast portal for sharing files and photos with your friends…
  • optware.png safe_small.JPG DokuWiki is a simple to use Wiki, mainly aimed at creating documentation of any kind.
  • optware.png warning_small.JPG Install an IRC IRC Eggdrop
  • optware.png Install a MySQL database server.

Backup with your My Book

Manage\Monitor your My Book

(Re-)configure Your My Book

Other Modifications

Installing other OS's

Automated installation procedures

  • http://www.myboxproject.net Automated installations on My Book ("bluelights" and the new "whitelight" ones) with zero Linux skills: aMule, Transmission and FTP server installations.
  • featurepacks Automated installation of Web Server, My Book Interface management , AccessBook for sharing files over internet and providing photo galleries and Feature Manager to install future feature packs like MybookClone
  • http://www.highlevelbits.fr · FeaturePack Manager for all MyBook NAS : BlueRings, WhiteLight and the new Live! · My Book NAS singleclick installations: OPTWARE, transmission, NZBGET, No-IP, system Configuration …(availability depending on NAS type)

Other sites on My Book hacks

Modifying the Hardware

Open the My Book World Edition and Remove the Hard drive

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