How to install Plex on My Book White Light

At first: Sorry for my English. That's why I'll keep this very short.

First you need to install Debian:

I installed Squeeze.

Then you have to download a special version of Plex:

Unpack it in /mnt /data/Plex/
Because it consumes a lot of memory.

You need to install with apt-get packages like pyhton, ffmpeg, locale.

Then simply run it with: cd /mnt/data/Plex/plexmediaserver/ && / mnt/data/Plex/plexmediaserver/

For an automatic startup I just added this line into /etc/rc-local :
start-stop-daemon —start —quiet —background -m —pidfile /var/run/ —oknodo —exec /mnt/data/Plex/plexmediaserver/ 2>/dev/null

When you run the automatic startup, first you must run this command:
ln -s /mnt/data/Plex/Library /Library

and to make it save
ln -s /mnt/data/Plex/Library /root/Library

Transcoding is not possible.

I use it with the Samsung Smart TV, and it works great!
Suggestions and questions are welcome.

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