I Bricked my MBL Duo 6TB... PLEASE HELP!!!!

Hello everybody!!!! I am just a newbie here. I bought my MBL Duo a week ago. I started to play with the SSH trying to install "transmission". I followed instructions, and completed the process.

Everything seemed to work fine, till I noticed when trying to acces the WEB GUI for settings, etc, it refreshed all the time, and capacity of the disc, read on the bottom of the page was 0TB/0TB.

I could still access the MBLD. no problems.

I decided to reset the unit and see if the problem solved. First a blue light, then the orange, and there it stopped. My light is orange. No green light. I am stuck here. I cannot access the device.

Any advise?

Thanks VERY much for your help. I am desperate…

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