inadyn - - a client for open DNS servers.

This little program enables you to dynamically update your ip address. It's easy to setup, and does not depend on perl or other libraries.

Anyway, here is how to setup (assume optware is already available)

1) ipkg install inadyn
2) setup a dynamic DNS account with a supported service, like
3) DynDNS has simple configurator tool, no brains needed ;-) Use that to figure out your configuration file.
4) us a texteditor (vi or nano) to edit the /etc/inadyn.conf
5) to test if it work, just type inadyn on a terminal, and check to see if it updates. best is to go to the website of your dyndns service to verify if it worked

That's all here to it…

If you want to make it permanent make sure to launch the program during boot, and fork it to the background…

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