Mac Address Change

UPDATE 2011-10-26: Easier and permanent MBWE White Light MAC change/set procedure every time you want is here.

The MAC Address is the fisical internal unique number of all network devices. As MyBookWorld is a network attach device, it must have a unique MAC address.

Usually this address is hard coded in the device itself , but in our case, the mac address is gathered from the HD in a way we cant control as today.

In my case, my address wasn't unique because the Rescue Procedure i apply to two devices, I erase without knowledge the unpartitioned space in the HD where the fisical unique MAC address of my two devices were stored.

May be this is your case, or maybe you need it to change it so any other device will recognize yours, or to trespass the firewall in your office, or something i don't even imagine, but you need your device to have a different MAC address that the one is already set it to. anyone is the case, this is the procedure you must follow.

This procedure will change the Mac Address, This procedure must be executeon every boot, because the channge does not become permanent

I did the followin … Create the file /root/

ip link set eth0 down
ifconfig eth0 hw ether 00:90:A9:xx:xx:xx
ip link set eth0 up

Note: You must change xx:xx:xx for your original if you know it or you can set anyone you like
Note: You can change the full number if you want, but the 00:90:A9 is the WD MyBook device prefix, so it meant that all MyBooks start with it. as default

Then you have to makeit executable and also make a softlink to the ssh in the /etc/init.d/ so it will change it on every reboot

# chmod 755 /root/
# ln -s /root/ /etc/init.d/

I notice that the script can be execute on the fly… and you don't loose the connection.
so you can try it to see if it work.

to check your Mac Address

# ifconfig

Why I didn't make the file directly on /etc/init.d/ ?
in my case i brick two MyBook World. So i did this to keept all the things i need handy if I need them again.

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