MBWE to MBWE cron sync or backup NO PC's

I have a couple of these drives now, my main thing is to take the new white light and use it for a data access point for my computers. My secondary point is to take the old blue ring one and place it in a hidden place and have it snoop for information on the first and keep a sync copy of all data. I have computers all over the house and some are portable and end up out the door. I have configured them all to point to the NAS (whitelight) no data is on any PC hard drives. If you are in the house you get stuff if you are not you don't.

I have configured and tested the NFS and found the servers are working fine. I have configured client and that is working fine. I have configured the rsync and that is working fine. I am now missing a piece to mount back to the other NAS from the first NAS. I don't care which direction, I just want it working 24/7 with no single PC driving the show. How best can I transfer information between two MBWE NAS's?

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