More About Cool and Quiet

I am not using my worldbook often, but I like to have it powered on 24h/day. I decided to make it quiet when nobody is using it.

Goal: We have to make fan (if You have one) quiet and minimize access to hard disks.

First apply those hacks:

  3. It is important to make ram disk and move ntp and samba files.

Next free as much memory as You can and reduce disk usage by removing or not starting at boot services:

# /etc/init.d/ You do not need it if there is everything commented out in Your /etc/crontabs/root
# /etc/init.d/ usually web interface is not needed. You can start it manually.
# /etc/init.d/ mionet, who needs you? ;)

Now spend some time and tune your scripts:


After reboot use dmesg to check your hdd models. In MyWorldBook 1TB WDG2NC10000 there are two WDC WD5000AAKS-0

# dmesg | grep Model
<5>  Vendor: ATA       Model: WDC WD5000AAKS-0  Rev: 12.0
<5>  Vendor: ATA       Model: WDC WD5000AAKS-0  Rev: 12.0

According to WD ( this model can work in temperature up to 60° C. I changed TEMP_LIMIT parameters in /usr/sbin/temperature_monitor to:

TEMP_LIMIT_0=47 (!) Let someone check to see whether it is safe

And set SPINDOWN_WAIT=1 I am not sure. Is it safe to set it to one minute? Do we really need to wait longer than minute?


If You want to make Your MyWordBook more quiet You can minimize HDD spin times WAITTIME to 5-10min and MAXWAIT to 10-15min. Tweak it to Your needs. It is important to not make them spin up/down/up/down too often. Monitor and check why if they spin too often.

One more simple trick

Sometimes You want just browse Your shared directory, but it can force your disks to spin up.

Add this code to /usr/sbin/smart_spindown_onspindown

# cache /shares directroy
ls -Rl /shares > /dev/null

It will cache your shared directory before hdd spin down. Now You can browse it on your PC without spinning hdd up.

Default fan is really noisy. It is great idea to remove it and install quiet one.

Sacamante tried to do it.

Idea. You can mount supports at the top, and rotate Your Worldbook upside down. Fan will be invisible.

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