New Web Interface

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WebIF development in Alpha 0.0.1

There is currently a work in progress on a new Web Based interface for the MBWE

This new WebIF will allow the same funcionality as the Original Western Digital Interface Plus:

Optware Support
Startup Service Control (for stuff like NFS, SMB, SSH, etc.)
Language Support
More control over user access - individual users can have access to SSH, Samba, and the WebIf
Samba share control using mixed case names
and more.

A screenshot can be found here (1680x1050 jpeg)

If you wish to help the Testing of this new interface follow the instructions below - Please note that you may lose existing settings, and test users should have some extended linux knowledge:

1. Make a backup of your current system.

I recommend

dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/shares/internal/backup

It requires about 3GB of disk space on the data partition
This backup can be used to restore your current system if you want to get rid of the new WebIF.
You do not need to backup the data partition as that partition is not touched by this guide.

to restore:

dd if=/shares/internal/backup of=/dev/sda1

2. Optware

You need Optware

3. Php-fcgi and libiconv

You must have installed the php-fcgi and libiconv packages with all dependencies

4. Edit /etc/sudoers

/etc/sudoers needs to be modified so that "www-data" can run the "/usr/www/nbin/" script

5. Download the web If

cd /tmp

7. Extract

Extract the archive to /usr/www making sure that the directory structure is maintained

8. Try it

Open your web browser and go to http://<Your-MyBook-IP>/index.php
Use your existing WebIF user and Password to access

Language files


Planned Changes:

1. Better Services control that integrates better with existing systems

2. NFS support

3. File Manager and Editor

4. Permissions editor

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