Samba with ready-only share

I've seen a few entries in the forum who sought this feature including myself - this article shows a very basic and quick solution for it.

The Public Access in default doesn't give as much customization as needed:

  • enabled: gives read/write for Everyone which we do not want
  • disabled: gives only per-user specific permissions; but since it doesn't have such constant user like Everyone or Guest, this won't get us farther either
      • adding to this, I've tried to play with the "disabled" and manually modify the samba configuration but so much to my dismay it gave only "smbd/service.c:set_current_service(150) chdir (/path_to_share) failed" error. After some googling this looks like as Samba bug

This has been done on the whitelight MB; firmware: 01.00.16 with MioNet built on Tue Mar 17 14:15:17 CST 2009.

1) admin interface

  • log into the web admin interface of the MB
  • choose Advanced Mode
  • choose Users
  • choose Folder Share Permissions
  • modify your read-only share
  • select Public Access = enable

2) samba

  • ssh into your MB
  • fire up your favourite text editor and open "/usr/private/user_smb_conf/.overall_share"
  • set "writable = no" on your read-only share
  • restart the Samba services with /etc/init.d/S90smbd restart

Unless you modify the share on the webadmin interface, this setting remains after reboot.

The disadvantage of this, you won't have r/w rights on the share via CIFS - personally I solved this minor challenge with two separate shares.

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