The WD ShareSpace is shipped with a similiar system setup as the MyBook World Editions. The newest firmware 2.1.93 with MioNet (as of 15.3.2009) is running the kernel. SSH access can be enabled through the http-admin. No hacks are needed for full access.

It has vsftpd configured but lacks support for ssl-encryption.

The following commands should work on all sharespace models and with the newest firmware:

tar -xOvzf ipkg-opt_*_arm.ipk ./data.tar.gz | tar -C / -xzvf -
mkdir -p /opt/etc/ipkg
echo "src armel" > /opt/etc/ipkg/armel-feed.conf
/opt/bin/ipkg update

Add /opt/bin to your path (quickfix: export PATH=$path:/opt/bin) and go ahead and 'ipkg install' whatever you need.

Cron can be enabled easily:

mkdir -p /var/spool/cron/crontabs
echo -e "#!/bin/sh\ncrond -c /var/spool/cron/crontabs -b" > /etc/init.d/S61crond
chmod u+x /etc/init.d/S61crond

VM tuning, freeing up memory

pdflushd is using high CPU %. If you want to reduce that, you can instruct the kernel to allow high percent of the memory be used for disk cache / buffers, and swap off all processes possilbe (to make even more memory for disk caching):

sysctl -w vm.dirty_ratio=60
sysctl -w vm.dirty_background_ratio=80
sysctl -w vm.swappiness=100

I have also disabled all services but FTP and CIFS (= samba = smbd = windows file sharing). No iTunes server, no Twonky, no AFS and no NFS.
To disable Mionet rename its startup script, and make it not executable:

mv /etc/init.d/S9M_mionet /etc/init.d/_S9M_mionet 
chmod ugo-x  /etc/init.d/_S9M_mionet

Portmap is used only for NFS, so you can disable that as well the same way.
After you have properly set up the device you can also disable web interface the same way: name of the startup file ends with mini_httpd.

FTP speed

This gets me (2,7TB 4 disk RAID5) generaly 34-36MByte/sec reading from NAS and 9+MByte/sec writing to NAS using the unmodified vsftp config of the firmware. (I have checked and there do not seem to be performance related fixes between the 2.0.4+ version of the firmware, and the latest version).
Strangely enough there is one file that gives me maximum 25MByte/sec read speed. Even e2fsck did not help. However it showed I have plenty of fragmented files.

SMB speed

Samba is pretty slow (2,7TB 4 disk RAID5): ~6MB/s to write and 10-15MB/s to read (firmware has version 3.0 of it). The latest Samba 3.6 supports SMB2 protocol, maybe that should speed it up (if used with Vista, Windows 7 or Samba client 3.6+). If you try it, let us know on this page. :)

Old information

With some useful notes

I recently got a new 2tb Western Digital Sharespace to replace my mybook, similar it sounds to the newer editions of
the mybook this is running a kernel.

ssh is not built in the default factory install, the older firmware had a debug page that enabled you to activate telnetd without
any hacking (required root account but that is not hard to find).

The newest firmware (with twonky included) no longer has the php that allowed you to enable telnetd so the only
immediately obvious way to gain access was to mount the filesytem on another PC and simply enable telnet

echo "telnet stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/telnetd /usr/sbin/telnetd" » /mnt/whatever/etc/inetd.conf

once you have telnet enabled you can install ipkg and use the cs05q3armel optware feed for packages

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