Q: How do you disable Mionet

Daz asked:

As a complete idiot, can someone explain how to stop the Mionet script on my WD Mybook white light version please.
I cant seem to even log in as root, I have enabled SSH but still no such luck.
A step by step guide from within a W7 enviroment would be great.

Thanks in anticipation, from an insomniac Mybook.


Without SSH, you can simply use the browser to do this. Locate the name or IP of your MBWE, then open your favorite browser, and login to the MBWE at "http://<ip_address>"

The default user and password (which you should have changed already) is "admin" / "admin"

After logging in:

  • Click on the Blue Circular "M" icon labeled "Remote Access"
  • Uncheck the "Enable MioNet on Startup" box at the top
  • Click on the "Stop Mionet" icon.


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