Loading a Telnet server

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The Western Digital MyBook World Edition runs on a cut down version of Linux and as such can be accessed via Telnet, which is less secure than SSH.

When you continue here, your warranty will be worthless!

The information below only applies to the Mybook Blue ring.

STEP 1. - Test if you can use the firmware method

Before you try any hack, you could test if you are ready to update using the following tutorial :

STEP 2. - Enable Telnet

After you have validated that you are ready, there are two methods currently available to enable Telnet:

If you have already enabled SSH or FTP, and this is working. Then all you need to do to to enable Telnet is to comment in (remove # from the start of the line) the following line in /etc/inetd.conf

telnet  stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/sbin/telnetd       telnetd

PLEASE NOTE: if you are using a newer firmware edition you may need to use ALLCAPS for your username when using Telnet to login.
For example if you created a user called joeblogs login with JOEBLOGS

Alternatively, for the truly paranoid, you could create your own web server and serve the pseudo-firmware - thats what I did to get this working when I messed up SSH!

Now that Telnet daemon is started you can login to your MBWE and start installing programs, or fixing ones you have made yourself …..

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