Topfield FTP Server

It is possible to set up the MBWE as an FTP server for the Topfield brand Personal Video Recorder
ftpd-topfield. This handy if you do not want to have a full blown PC attatched to your TV in the lounge room. You can use the MBWE as the FTP server for .rec files on your Topfield device.

Presumably you can also install Toppy Web on the MBWE and use the MBWE to provide a Web Interface to your Topfield TV allowing remote programing of timers.

1 Install ftpd-topfield

As root

/opt/bin/ipkg install ftpd-topfield

The MBWE replys with:

Installing ftpd-topfield (0.7.7-0) to root...
Configuring ftpd-topfield
Successfully terminated.

2 Install USB support

As root:

ipkg install usbutils

MBWE replys with

Installing libusb (0.1.12-1) to root...
Installing zlib (1.2.3-3) to root...
Configuring libusb
Configuring usbutils
Configuring zlib
Successfully terminated.

I rebooted my MBWE at this point.

When I plug the Toppy into the usb the \var\log\messages file has these lines written

Aug 20 00:29:07 MyBookWorld kernel: usb 1-1: new high speed USB device using oxnas-ehci and address 3
Aug 20 00:29:08 MyBookWorld kernel: usb 1-1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
Aug 20 00:29:10 MyBookWorld user.notice usb.agent[1295]: ... no modules for USB product 11db/1000/101

3 Start ftpd-topfield

A ftpd-topfield start up script is installed at


which you can execute with

cd /opt/etc/init.d/

The binary is at


The start up script kills any existing ftpd-topfield processes and runs

/opt/sbin/ftpd-topfield -D -P 21

Get help on ftpd-topfield

/opt/sbin/ftpd-topfield - -help

4 Attempt to FTP to/from the MBWE

On another PC start an FTP client and connect FTP to your MBWE IP address on port 21.

If things are working you will get user name and password prompt.
With the default settings of starting ftpd-topfield you should be able to connect as anonymous.
I had to put my FTP client into Passive mode to prevent the following error:

500 Illegal Port command
port cmd failed
DoDirList failed

5 Try FTPing a file off your Topfield

The above method of setting up ftpd-topfield worked for me and I was able to FTP a file. However, I had queued up several files to FTP accross but only one arrived - and only part of the file too ! . Seems like the transfer timed out. Not sure why this is yet.

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