Installing Transmission 1.33 on MyBookWorld
### I have assumed you have enabled ssh but haven't install optware ###
(Note: I have used '$' to separate commands; although '$' implies user and '#' implies root, '#' also implies commenting out a line and I do not wish to confuse n00bs)

$    ssh root@<NAS-address>
$    cd /opt
$    wget
$    sh
$    echo "/opt/lib" >>/etc/

(Note: the domain is now wdfiles NO longer wikidot)

You will need to run the command ldconfig after you install every package to properly initiate libraries.1

$    ldconfig

(If you forget you will receive this error when you try to run transmission-daemon: can't load library '')

Get new information of available gummstix packages.

$    /opt/bin/ipkg update

Install via package manager

$    /opt/bin/ipkg install transmission

If you get the following error,2
$ /opt/bin/transmission-daemon: can't load library ''
Then run

$    /opt/bin/ipkg install libiconv

Again remember to run

$    ldconfig

Now it is time to start the daemon to run transmission in the background
$ cd /opt/bin
$ ./transmission-daemon

The command should complete without ouput, if not - see above ("1" and "2" in superscript)

Open the following URL in your web browser of choice


If this loads the web interface (formerly known as "clutch") proceed to modify the preferences by
clicking on the gear icon in the bottom left corner and selecting Preferences.

You will want to modify the download directory to something like


as well as change the the incoming TCP port number to the open port you use for your torrent client or configure the Transmission default port in the port forwarding section of your router.

You should now add a torrent file to test (note: as of the this writing you can't DIRECTLY download a torrent from the web interface; you can however, UPLOAD one, if you wish) with transmission-remote
$ cd /opt/bin/
$ ./transmission-remote -a /shares/internal/PUBLIC/torrents/<torrentfile.torrent>

It should now show up and begin downloading the file to the NAS independently of a host computer.

If you wish to access the download files (or any files for that matter located on the NAS) from a Linux machine (AFAIK not available for Windows nor other closed-source OSes because of in-kernel dependencies) I recommend using sshfs. Windows users should use Samba: \\MyBookWorld

Installing & configuring SSHFS on Debian-based (Ubuntu) systems

$    sudo apt-get install sshfs
$    sudo mkdir /media/[mountpoint]
$    sudo chown [user] /media/[mountpoint]
$    sudo adduser [user] fuse
$    logout

$ sshfs [IP address or URL]:/[directory] /media/[mountpoint]

~This guide is simply a compilation of information taken from various sources on this wiki and elsewhere~
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[" el_salmon]
[" alephsmith]
[" bzhou]
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