Software Problems

1. MBWE is Online but not Visible Through Windows Networking

Samba is not currently running or has loaded using the incorrect config. Run the following command as su to manually start it.

/usr/local/samba/sbin/smbd -D -s=/var/oxsemi/smb.conf

2. MyBook White Light [HOW TO]

2.1 Recover/unbrick/reset - Possible scenarios

* I) Different reset types/levels and their impact
* II) Possible scenario table to identify what reset types you can use in your current situation
* III) Extra info: admin password reset, Useful commands in telnet

2.2 Install Clean HDD
read discussions for newer firmware:
for upgrading white-light dual-drive from 2x1tb-to-2x2tb

another way with nice scripts:

2.3 Fix windows offline files with "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process" errors

When encountering this error from Win7 this finally solved it;
Edit the samba config file;


and add the following lines, at the bottom of the GLOBAL section, just before the 'include' line;

oplocks = yes
level2 oplocks = yes
kernel oplocks = no

Now reboot or restart samba

3. MyBook Live : [HOW TO] recover/unbrick/reset

Read above the general scenarios for the WhiteLight and hints and tips from MyBook Live section
. To manually upgrade firmware for the MyBook Live read discussion on :
. Full debricking guide

Hardware Problems

Read error in shares, read only files, lost permissions (in shares - md4)

The following commands will reformat the drive and restore the shared directories, but not their contents. All data will be lost.

  1. backup the shares directory structure,
  2. remove all files

cd /shares
rm -r internal/*/*
tar cpsf /root/internal.tar internal

  1. reformat the drive, don't reserve free block

umount /shares/internal
mkfs.ext3 -m 0 /dev/md4
mount /shares/internal

  1. restore the shared directories
  2. cd /shares

tar xf /root/internal.tar
rm /root/internal.tar

Threads about theses problems :

My Book disconnects during data transfer

I would like to share my experiences with the My Book WorldEdition with you, this might save you some time.
Shortly after the first usage I was not able anymore to safe larger data volume. The drive would disconnect after a short time and could not be addresses anymore either thru Windows nor Linux. It required a reset (restart unit with power up).
I noticed the website “” and figured my Linux knowledge was sufficient to try to figure out what happened.
I followed M. Hinner’s advise to connect the drive thru SSH like this:

Connect with Shared Storage Manager (Web interface)
Add user under tab “File Sharing” (write down username and password)
Set CIS sharing to none for all users (tab “File Sharing”)
Use network settings and set network address to automatic (very important, does not work with fixed IP)
Check IP address of your My Book in “System Summary” and write down.

Enable SSH
Use LINUX system, I used UBUNTU, use terminal window.
ssh username@IP MyBook (very important, username in CAPITAL letters)
Your are requested to enter password, use the one you wrote down while adding new user

umount /dev/md4
Check partition with e2fsck –c /dev/md4
If the system reports error then reformat with mkfs.ext3 -m 0 /dev/md4
If not, looks it is more serious and out of my competence.

Once you finished the operations above, power down your My Book, restart and log in thru Shared Storage Manager

Thank you to all the contributors of the web site, I would not have been able to recover My Book without them.

Light will not turn on

If your My Book World Edition begins turning on when it is plugged in but never finishes booting up (ie: light does not come on) then you may want to try unplugging it from the ethernet cable and try again. Be sure to be patient with it, as it does take anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute to turn on the light sometimes.

WD also suggest re-setting using the pin-hole button on the back.

If you've disassembled your drive, you might also want to check the SATA cable, a slightly out cable will stop the lights coming on or any booting.

“The drive is currently busy” Error

Many people have experienced problems with upgrading the firmware where they receive message stating that the firmware can't currently be updated because the drive is currently busy. Here are some excerpts of their problems and/or solutions.

Firmware 01.01.18 (The drive is currently busy)
I purchased a WD My Book World Edition 500 with 01.01.18 firmware. I added the admin password and created an account called bill. I then went to the firmware upgrade page. I get

"Applying new firmware

The drive is currently busy. Please stop using all shares and try again."

Has anyone else seen this error on new units as of 9 /20/2007.
WD case number 092007-524-5152

got that error message too
Answer: Today I bought one with 01.01.18 Firmware and got that error message too. The first steps necessary can be quite tricky so here's how I did it.. First, find a windows station on your LAN and install the software provided on the CD included with the unit and register your machine. This will change the firmware somehow. You should have your admin account set up properly by doing this step. Next, restart your My Book. Then you should be able to upgrade the firmware. BUT you still won't be able logging in via ssh! The admin account won't work. You must still enter the web interface and on the tab "File Sharing -> User Management" create a new account. It will be that one you use in logging in. After doing this there shouldn't be problem spawning the shell…

Issue 10/21/07: I cannot get around this issue with 01.01.18
I have tried doing everything you said here - I installed MioNet, I registered the machine, and I've restarted the My Book several times. No matter whether I try directly accessing Hinner's firmware or just click "Upgrade the System Firmware" from the web GUI, I still get the "currently busy" error. I also tried making WD Anywhere access inactive. It is clear that I don't have an sshd running on the My Book.

another answer
Another answer: I bought one today with the same fw version. However, as I do not have access to a windows computer, I solved the problem by connecting to the samba share using konqueror (i.e. KDE file browser) and after closing that window I was able to do the firmware upgrade. Adding users can be done using the web interface. There is no need for windows to succesfully hack into your WD My Book :-)

yet another answer
And yet another answer: By going to "General Settings -> WD Anywhere Access settings" and disabling the NAS I got rid of the nasty message and I could install SSH as stated. No need to use Win*.

no problems here
Another User: I just bought a 500Mb MBWE II with the 1.01.18 Firmware installed. Out of the box, I created a new user and ran the firmware update as per It was successful, and I could ssh in after 2 minutes. I didn't create any shares or do anything else.

this worked for me
I went to Configure Network on the general settings tab, Configure Network Settings, on the wizard I left it on automatic and clicked finish or done or whatever and when I tried again it worked.

Worked for me too
Mine was set to a static IP. Changing to automatic disconnected all the PCs that had mappings to the MBWE and the firmware upgrade launched when I tried it again. I suppose changing the static IP address to and new static address would have worked as well.

I am running Firmware 02.00.15 and NO matter what I do when trying to install the Firmware for SSH access I get an error of "Firmware failed to download - try later ". I have rebooted several times, stopped NAS and still won't work. PLEASE HELP. Western digital said I have to call in for support which is a pay call. Its a bunch of crap. I have tried both sources for the firmware SSH upgrade with no success at. Now I have files on there (3,500+) that I can't edit or delete, just view.

I can confirm the same behavior in 2.00.18, but I haven't lost files yet.

MBWE 1TB (Blue Rings) drops out every 30 minutes approx

I wonder if someone can help me configure the above please. Don't assume a level of knowledge because having read FAQ's on the net I am beginning to think I am a bit dim!

My setup is as follows:
Small home network running on Windows 7 Ultimate Edition with Draytek Vigor2800VG Wireless Router but can't access My Book reliably. Backup starts but always times out in 20-30 minutes with an access denied numerical error 0x8007005 or 0x8100037 etc. etc. Always copies some files and data though, so I know I can write to it. I can see the My Book, create files and directories on it, in the public directory and create directories off the root. I have tried connecting the My Book directly to my computers Ethernet Port - It does the same thing. I can access the admin account on my router but that is the limit of my knowledge!
One last thing; I have followed one of the FAQ's on the Western Digital web site which mentions accessing the shared storage manager and followed the procedure for creating a shared directory - same problem at. I have rebooted the drive countless times - makes no difference. Has anyone got these things to work properly and if so would you kindly walk me through the procedure?

Thanks in eager anticipation!

A or B drive randomly fail — power issues

This probably applies to all of them. I have a MBWE II blue rings. A friend gave it to me, and I assumed the power supply he gave me with it was correct. The web interface would say always that either drive A or drive B failed. Finally I realized that the 12V power supply he gave me was only 2A (24W), but the MBWE II Blue Lights needs 4A (48W). If the output is more than 4A, that is fine (as long is it is 12VDC). I wasn't able to find a 4A supply, but 5A ones were readily available and relatively cheap.
You need (for MBWEII blue lights) a switch mode power supply, 12V, at least 4A (48W) and the connector should be 5,5mm(outside diameter) / 2,5mm (inside diameter), center positive (hardly ever is it the opposite).

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