Was reading about Computers that's tweets they're status. So i've throw together a script to tweet the temperatur of my MBWE.

You need:
And a twitter account

Install Curl

Move to the folder you got your packages.

$ wget
$ tar zxvf curl-7.19.6.tar.gz
$ cd curl-7.19.6

Now we must install curl

$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

Then we need to make the script that connect and post a tweet to

Place it where you want.

$ touch

Now we made the file, but you need to edit the file with your favorite text editor. Mine is VI, So i'll use that.

$ vi
//Then hit "i" so you enter Insert mode
//then copy the code 
//If you use Putty as i, just right click inside the window
//else if you use ubutu, right click and choose paste
//now we have pasted the code, so hit esc and write :W (write to file) and so :Q (quit editor)

Code for tweeting the temperature

curl -u Username:password -d status="Temp is $(/usr/sbin/smartctl -d ata -A /dev/sda | grep Temp | sed "s/^.*\(.[0-9]\)$/\1/")°C"

Make it executable.

$ chmod 755

Test it with

$ ./

If you see lots of rubbish, it probably works.
If no, try to run the curl code to see what kind of errors you've got.

Any comments are welcome.

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