Ultra Fast Install For My Book World Edition I and II (White Light) of any disk size

Dla Polaków wersja pełna rozwiązania na (for Polish version go to) iknowsomething.com by Krzysztof Przygoda.

What's this?

Thanks to inspirational guys work done here I've made ultra fast, ultra light and universal solution with FW ver.: 01.02.06, 01.02.12:

  • Works with both MBWE White Light (I and II) with any size of disk!!! but only WD Caviar Green! Be aware that not all WDCG models work with MBWE (see details)
  • Full install takes 1,5 minute!!! excluding firmware download.
  • In MBWE II only 1 disk needs to be prepared!!! - the second one will be adopted by MBWE itself.
  • Only 3 scripts!!! - no more heavy junk stuff like MBR, partition copies, MAC config etc.
  • Separate config file with only 4 lines to adjust: disk label, MBWE type, MBWE serial and MAC address.
  • 1 script to fire!!! and little wizard will guide you.

Quick How-To:

1. Boot Ubuntu from CD/CDRW/PenDrive. How-To on: Download Ubuntu.
2. Extract mbwe.tar.gz from here (original and maintained version) on Desktop into folder mbwe.
3. Connect your disk through USB (or somehow else).
4. Edit mbwe-config.sh file and type your disk parameters (current HDD label under linux, MBWE serial number, MBWE model type, MBWE MAC address) according comments. Notice that you can also change MBWE MAC address any time you want later.
5. Open Terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and type:

cd Desktop/mbwe
sudo bash ./mbwe-install.sh

6. Listen what is Terminal talking to you carefully and obey his commands.
7. Safe Remove disk in Disk Utility and place in any MBWE bay. Remember to unplug MBWE from the wall (electricity) before.
8. Plug MBWE to the wall and wait 3 minutes then go through first start procedure (log in admin/admin).
9. For MBWE I that's all.

For MBWE II go further:

10. Shutdown MBWE holding Power for 3 seconds and wait untill all LEDs off, then unplug from the wall and put your second disk in an empty bay.
11. Power MBWE on and voila.

That's all

For comments and discussion go to Forum or iknowsomething.com (detailed description and problem solving).
Do dyskusji w języku polskim zapraszam na (for Polish discussion you can go to) iknowsomething.com.

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