WDMBWE Uses of Retrospect Username and Password

Just a note that may be of interest to some WDMBWE users.

Although I have made SSHD permanent and played around some I have also been able to map the shares I have created both through the share manager and mionet by mapping the WDMBWE as a network drive (drive X:) with windows explorer tools using the Retrospect software username and password that pops up (This username and password can also be found under the Backup Info icon in the main mionet/WD anywhere access program window).

I set up an FTP server on an old laptop continuously connected to my home network with a username that has access to drive X: (the mapped WDMBWE drive) and now have access from anywhere via an FTP client. I don't like to run the FTP server continously so I use VNC to remotely access the laptop's desktop to start and stop the FTP server manually.

I have downloaded a couple of test files this way and estimate that transferring 2MB take about 5 minutes so it does not seem the speed was much different from the 330 Kbps I have seen being reported elsewhere.

If anyone can replicate use of the Retrospect software username and password to gain access to their WDMBWE from the web I think most of us would appreciate the confirmation that this approach works. I would especially be interested to know if there is a way to improve the speed/transfer rate.


I can confirm the use of the username and password given by the mionet tool. It looks like that user gets "root" access to the share where other added users through the interface get access via www-data instead.

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